If you worked for me

If you worked for me, you’d only be working 20 hours per week (or less), yet you’d feel well compensated.

If you worked for me, we’d talk about values all the time. Managing with Aloha would be a verb, not a noun, and you’d ‘get to’ Ho‘ohana.

If you worked for me, you’d Lead with Aloha too: An Aloha Business for 2012

If you worked for me, you’d get the Daily Five Minutes, and you’d give it to others. Conversation and win-win agreements would become your m.o.

If you worked for me, I’d expect you to contribute to our company cause — and you’d want to. You’d be a vocal ambassador of our mission and vision because you share it, and we celebrate our progress often.

If you worked for me, you’d be enrolled in my profit-sharing program and be considered my partner, not my ‘employee.’ We’d be an ‘Ohana in Business.

If you worked for me, you’d get a performance appraisal, but quarterly instead of annually. We’d both look forward to them, and we’d mostly talk story about what we’re both learning, and how we’re growing. I want you to feel strong in my company, and I want you to BE strong.

If you worked for me, you’d be expected to take an annual sabbatical as an extension of your earned vacation time, so you could reboot and recharge, and make Aloha very, very personal.

I’m not alone as an employer with a newly improved business model.

It’s 2012 and these are the ways society is shifting, recognizing that work alone cannot rule our lives if we are to be healthy, and make our best contribution to the communities we choose to dwell in.

Life is short, but you CAN have a positive expectancy in regard to what life offers you.

If you don’t have an Employer/Partner who is waking up to the 2012 realities of human well-being, bid them goodbye and look for a new partnership, one which deserves you and your best possible efforts when you do work. Understand your options. To work for someone is only great when you work WITH them, and they with you.

You can also think about starting your own company: Model Me This.

What would you add to my list?

Let us hear from you! Finish the sentence in the comments”
“If you worked for me, _______________.”



  1. Dean Boyer says

    If you worked for me, you would be doing the right job, fitted for you, where your strengths could shine!
    If you worked for me, you would experience joy at work and be shown appreciation in the ways that you prefer.

  2. says

    This is wonderful Rosa, and so inspiring.

    It reminds me a lot of the organisational values of the place where I’m lucky enough to work (part time in an office, doing admin, but very much part of the team).

    I’m including a link for you to look at because I think it might make you smile.


    And, I want to sing the praises of what they do, as part of my own joy at working there :-)

  3. says

    If you worked for me, you would know the value of mentoring because I know that our success lies in the strength of our collective efforts and not just the collection of individual efforts.
    If you worked for me, I would want to show you the Mahalo that keeps me humble and striving to earn your loyalty as my partner in business and success every day.

    I am so glad you helped me to think of these statements because it helps to refresh and re-evaluate my focus and renew my leadership skills.


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