Ubiquitous platitude and ultimate backwater

It is the most ubiquitous platitude of corporate life: “People are our most important asset.”

Book, Ball and Chain
Book, Ball and Chain by Kurtis J. Garbutt, on Flickr

The undeniable reality of course, is that the human side of enterprise remains the ultimate backwater. It’s the last item on most CEOs’ list of strategic priorities. It’s where mediocre executives go when they can’t cut it in the “real” parts of the organization. Be honest: how many companies do you know that are as creative, as disciplined, as businesslike about the people factor in business as they are about finance, engineering, and marketing?
— William C. Taylor and Polly LaBarre in Mavericks at Work

So what can we do about this?

I remain convinced that the role of the manager must change: The Reconstructed, Rejuvenated, Newly Respected, and Never Underestimated Role of the Manager

We chip away at it, but we have yet to tackle it as an all-out campaign, elevating the role of the manager once and for all.

Will you be our champion in your company?

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