All Hallows Eve Values

Happy Halloween!

Kohala Mountain Morning

Feel that orange glow? I do… holidays like this one are wonderful in the way they get us to connect with our values so automatically, don’t you think?

Halloween is a favorite in our family, for beyond all the obvious fun of the day, it’s my husband’s birthday. So family — and ‘Ohana in Managing with Aloha — is always a character value of this particular holiday for me and my children as we plot his surprises in ways more twisted than usual for birthdays. We can’t think about the day without thinking about each other and remembering some nuttiness, and that’s always a good thing. There is a lot of laughter in our Halloween.

Another can’t-help-it for me, is thinking about Aloha, and its inside-us nature. The spirit of Aloha is our spirit, and so it goes with us everywhere, present in everything we do. No costume will ever cover it up, and no candy can be sweeter. Have you noticed that too, how the real person shines through the most elaborate costume?

Then there’s that sweet anticipation of October 31st: It seems to arrive in clockwork fashion today, right on time. Palpable, isn’t it?

I was taught that Halloween is “all hallows eve,” the day and night before the solemnity of All Saints Day, so while dressing up, indulging in too much candy and going to street parties are more strongly connected to present day celebrations in our neighborhood too, I do think about Ka lā hiki ola, that “dawning of a new day” as another chance to always become better. Within my childhood-given values, this time was strongly connected to the goodness of those Saints as normal folk who were so inspiring, and often overcame such adversity (the value of Ho‘omau) — heck, they were saintly people, but they started out normal, just like me! So I get filled with the hope and the promise of everything yet to come, and I get more confident and expectant, knowing that November, December and January hold promises galore — there is so much to look forward to, and as the value of Mahalo reminds us, so much to already be thankful for, and to be happy you dwell within.

And yet the best thing about Halloween may be all the fun and playfulness. Nothing is taken that seriously, and we even laugh about the frightfulness in its theming. My goodness, this is a day we get so creative, dabbling in ‘Imi ola in unique yet silly ways. I have always loved the way that people will let loose in the workplace on Halloween, bending the rules, ignoring uniforms and other branding, and allowing the lighthearted pleasure of the day to take over.

So as you unwrap your favorite treat today, stop for a moment and think about the rest of your goodness too: The wonder of your own values will come out to play today, because as Aloha assures us, they are always with you. As a smiling jack-o-lantern might say, could he talk story with you, your values are “for time immortal.”

Have a fun Halloween.

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