Preparedness Pays!

Dear Talking Story subscribers,

You may recall that I wrote a twice-weekly column for Hawai‘i’s daily newspaper The Honolulu Advertiser from November 2008 through May 2010, when the paper was sold, and became The Star Advertiser. I was invited to continue writing Say “Alaka‘i” but declined, deciding it was a good time to return here to our Talking Story mothership instead.

Impressive start

As of August 3rd, The Star Advertiser decided to add paid online subscriptions to its business model:

With this step, the Star-Advertiser joins scores of other daily newspapers in communities large and small across the country, from The New York Times and Dallas Morning News to the Albuquerque Journal and The Citizen in Key West, Fla., that charge to view their online content, said Star-Advertiser publisher Dennis Francis.

“Our next-generation products such as our premium content, e-editions, apps for notebooks and tablets, e-readers and PDAs will all play an important part of our future,” Francis said. “We will deliver the news and information to readers when they want it, where they want it and, most importantly, how they want it.”

Yes and no… The Star Advertiser was very gracious in keeping the Say “Alaka‘i” archives accessible up to now, but with this change you will find that you can no longer read them there.

I can’t get to those archives via my old Honolulu Advertiser dashboard either. However…

Preparedness Pays!

The good news is that I had always retained full publishing rights to my old columns, and you can access them here on Talking Story. To do so, scroll down the right column of the blog to the drop-down menu titled “Search Talking Story by Category” and select the 3rd option: Columns: Say “Alaka‘i.” Here’s a link if you prefer to bookmark it in your browser.

Try it now, and see what oldies but goodies you find :)

The still-challenging part, is that I have an awful lot of links to be corrected here within the Talking Story pages too, though mostly in the older postings archived.

So meanwhile, the quickest do-it-yourself-trick, is with the magic of search: Copy the title of the post you’re looking for into the blog search box (in the right column, directly below that category drop-down) anytime you get to a broken link. Do it here and your results will be here, and not web-wide. Remember to put quotation marks around the complete title for a more focused search, and you should be able to get to the right page pretty quickly. If not, send me a note and I’ll very happily find the article for you.

Mahalo for your patience, and thank you for reading, and for continuing to be here.

We Ho‘ohana kākou, together, and with Aloha,