I love Easter

Easter is unrestrained, enthusiastic abundance.
It’s a basket of treats which never gets empty if you look hard enough,
Look by closing your eyes and feeling what’s there.

I love all of it, and that there’s a lot to love.

Easter Expectations

I love the lead up of Lent and Good Friday (good Catholic girl that I am), and
I love the glory of the day when Easter arrives.
I love that we expect that glory, and that wonder.

I love the pastel colors, and even the fake Easter grass.

I love seeing the Peeps in the market, and
I love getting that craving for marshmallow, and for
Cadbury malt.

Eggy Snacking, the Black Peppery version

I love the Easter Eggs, and everything we do about them, and with them.
I love the decorating with homemade dyes, and
I love making bunny footprints with flour.

I love our creativity, and even our indulgence.

I love all the chocolate and all the sugar.
I love that I will eat Easter’s treats without a shred of hesitation or guilt.

Primed in pink

Oh! How I love the blooming.

I love the flowers — there are so many to love!

Good morning! Blushing tulips

I love the greenery too, both lush and still tender,
The leafing (is that a word?) that is everywhere.

I love the art.

Garrowby Hill

I love the playfulness that Easter critters inspire.

I love the chicks and bunnies, birds and butterflies.
I love them all showing us their softer sides,
All willing to become characters which are cartoons of themselves.

Even frogs wear Easter well.

When dark meets light

I remember how we made Easter bonnets in kindergarten.
Do you?

I wish
we all
still wore
Easter bonnets
Crepe paper, feathers, ribbons and all.
And no matter how old we have become.
We could still wear them well… silly grins included.
(Those red hat ladies are on to something.)

Kanzashi ~ hair clip duet

I love that Easter happens in the Spring.
(especially when it happens in April, and not in March).

I love that Easter day means Easter Sunday.
Sunday is elemental peacefulness.
Sunday is thankfulness and gratitude.
Sunday is Mālama time.

Saint Augustine’s Church est.1884

I love our reverence on Sunday, and our humility.
Our awe.
Our respect.
And Ha‘aha‘a as a value that looks like laughing no matter how you pronounce it.

I love the Palena ‘ole exuberance of Easter.
I love the joy of its Ka lā hiki ola flavored promises.

Easter renews us.
It’s vibrant.
It’s hopeful.
It’s a beauty which is very, very good for us.

Like a yellow pinwheel :)

It’s even beauty in that plastic, yet amazing Easter cellophane;
Purple, yellow, pink, and a green that isn’t really green at all,
But some kind of cool bluing. Prisms.

I love that Easter is about Faith.
I love that Easter is about Believing.

It’s amazing resilience, and Resurrection, I know, but you know what else?
Easter is a day to love your life, just as it is.

Beautiful Hawaii

And yet,
Easter is also a day to think about flourishing in new ways.

So do that. Flourish.

Love Easter with me, and feel it love you back.

Botanical Cactus Garden at Ethel’s