Are you doing the Daily Five Minutes yet?

If not, how can you afford not to?

I promised I wouldn’t use their names or company on the blog, however I just had to share this D5M experience with you (and did receive their permission): A young woman approached me after a Managing with Aloha presentation I did recently, and quietly shared something with me;

“I used to hate my boss and I’d say so, to him and to others. Then he heard about your Daily Five Minutes and asked us to practice it with him. So much has changed since then. We talk, and we talk until we understand each other now. I had to change too, and it’s been good. I’m not a hater anymore.”

She gave me his number, and I called her boss to tell him how proud I was of him, for achieving such a turnaround couldn’t have been easy. He said,

“Not gonna lie Rosa, it was tough at first. Just like your book says, I had to learn to listen better. But now it’s always just 5 minutes or less, we turned the corner into the good stuff, and I’ll never stop. I have a really great team. I learned how strong we all are.”

They both inspired me to do an update:

This has been one of my most-visited posts here on Talking Story: 5 Minutes/ 3 Values/ 9 MWA Questions. Amazing in this time of relatively short digital-reading attentions, for it is one of the longer ones. I have updated it for all of you devoted D5M practitioners who want to share the goodness with other managers: Let them into the secret of your “I love my boss!” success!

No employee, — no person, should go to work and be ‘a hater.’


“The conclusion I’m coming to is that there aren’t so many ‘new’ things managers should be doing when times are hard — they just need to dedicate more time to ideas like these (just listen!) that aren’t so new and do them a lot better than they typically do!”
Beth Weisberg, talking story about the D5M with Lisa Haneberg: Give an Employee Five Precious Minutes