A Valentine of Aloha

Are you ready for some good lovin’? The only answer, is “Yes!”

Happy Valentine’s Day, 2011

Aloha — love and respect of self and others, in everything
~ Prepping for Ho‘ohana

“Every single day, somewhere in the world, Aloha comes to life.
As it lives and breathes within us, it defines the epitome of sincere, gracious, and intuitively perfect customer service given from one person to another.”
~ Managing with Aloha
~ Your Aloha Spirit, Tightly Curled and Regal

“In his soul he did not respect her and, without being aware of it, did not love her, though by the notions of the circle in which he lived, by his upbringing, he could not imagine to himself any other relation to his mother than one obedient and deferential in the highest degree, and the more obedient and deferential he was, the less he respected and loved her in his soul.”
~ we learn how Count Vronsky feels about his mother,
referred to earlier in the chapter as a “brilliant society woman”

in Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina

Imagine for a moment, how this same relationship can play out in the workplace between manager and those ‘managed.’ Even the ‘highest degree’ of obedience and deferential treatment feels so shallow and unfulfilling, doesn’t it. We much prefer, and want, the love of Aloha.

Love by Arwen Abendstern on Flickr

Love can be a hard concept to wrap your arms around at work, but respect isn’t.

If you want to love your people, start there:
Ask yourself, on this Valentine’s Day, how can I better respect my team?

Ask, how can I show how much I respect them, within my thoughts (for they feel them), in the words I use (for they hear them), and in my every action? (for they see them.)

Need I more respect for their intelligence?
Need I more respect for their feelings, and emotional well-being?
Need I more respect for their history, their experience, their heritage and sense of place?

Respect their uniqueness in whatever form they present themselves to you.
Respect their complete worth, and people will feel your love.

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