Value Your Month to Value Your Life

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This is what you, and blogging here within our Talking Story community can Ho‘o — make happen…

Book Jacket for Value Mapping

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Synopsis ~
This ebook will teach you about Value Mapping, a learning/doing process within the Managing with Aloha philosophy of worthwhile work. In building values-based habits you develop a way of belief-aligned living wherein good begets good, beginning with the inherent truths which already reside within you.

YOU know how this happened…

Started by declaring 2011 the Year of Better Habits.
Then you sent me a question about the Value Your Month to Value Your Life program I’d done before.
Answering that question spun off into a collection of 5 more posts.

Then I started thinking.

I’m always encouraging all of you to finish well.
I should lead by setting a good example.

So I dumped those 5 value alignment posts into a new document, cleaned them up with healthy doses of additional information, and wrote a brand new 7,505 ebook (about 18 pages as a PDF). Here’s what it includes:

Table of Contents:
Prologue: Our Values Vocabulary
Introduction: The Managing with Aloha Story
Chapter 1 – At the Heart of the Matter: Our Values
Chapter 2 – Where did our values come from?
Chapter 3 – Value Immersion and Value Steering
Chapter 4 – The Logistics of Value Immersion
Chapter 5 – Your Projects with Value Steering
Chapter 6 – The Logistics of Value Steering
Chapter 7 – Take a Stand and Learn More
Addendum: 19 Values for Value Mapping

It’s selling on Smashwords for $4.99. If you have a Kindle I’m especially loving how it turned out in that format, however you’ll have to get it from Smashwords for now (very easy… how-to here. Be sure you open the documents folder in your Kindle).

January 14 Update: For those who prefer grabbing it from, Value Your Month to Value Your Life has is now available on Kindle, and listed with the rest of my kindling :)

One more thing: Thank you so much for pushing me to be better as you do.
I think you’ll especially like what I’ve added in that 19-value addendum: Each MWA value has application suggestions for either value immersion, value steering, or both.

Yeah… my Year of Better Habits? Already is.

What shall we do next?