Holiday Heaven

Aloha my friends,
Breaking into my blogging hiatus for a very important coaching.

On my our To Do list:

Thanksgiving theming of everything
Mahalo (Appreciation, Thankfulness and Gratitude)
Repeat all, mix and stir until ma‘alahi happy
[Ma‘alahi is the peaceful calm of contentment]

Used to be that mid-November marked the beginning of a race for me. I raced to get everything done work-wise that I hadn’t yet accomplished: It was the Catch-up Race to arrive at Thanksgiving with a better sense of done-ness.

Thing is, Thanksgiving didn’t get done all that well, and became the casualty of it all.

Don’t make that mistake. This year I am doggedly determined that I won’t. Race toward Thanksgiving for a change. (If you need some help, women’s magazine sites are a goldmine of ideas.)

Wrap up whatever work is now on your plate finishing it as well as you can, but reasonably so and expeditiously. Refuse to take on anything new if it isn’t connected to the Thanksgiving holiday to come.

When November 25th arrives (date of the American celebration) you will have so much to be thankful for!

And not just left-overs…
Turkey Before

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  1. Anne says

    Mahalo appreciation and gratitude for sharing this wonderful reminder w/ us…There ALWAYS is SOMEthing to be thankful for…and being that way daily, will help us so much more enjoy this time of year, putting the “fun” back into the “frenzy” (“frunzy”??) :-) of it all. Wishing you and your family a wonderful “season of Mahalo”!