Sunday Reading, Feeds and Blogs — Help!

Normally Sunday mornings are glorious self-indulgent times, relaxing. I French press my coffee, drinking the whole pot for a double-shot caffeine high before it can get cold, while I read the online editions of Sunday papers all over the world. Works so well for me, yet this morning I foolishly broke rhythm and changed my routine, deciding to wade through my feed reader instead.

So now I have a headache. Good grief, no wonder it’s gotten so hard to get people to read blogs. It’s just too much work.

Really have to do something about that, including here.

What must bloggers do to get you back, away from the social media trivialities and shortness of breath and depth on Twitter, Facebook and the like? Or have we all simply decided that depth, and blogging relationships haven’t enough return on attention for us?

My own change in rhythm this morning was because I’d spent yesterday evening tweaking the sidebar (click in and take a look if I happen to be part of your reader” let me know if you love it, hate it, or just don’t care, for all feedback is welcomed). I had two main reasons for tackling it, and the process quickly led to all kinds of changes: I brought back my list of Hawaiian values, but with tags to keep it Talking Story contained. Second, it was getting to be too much work to keep rotating those RSS feeds I used to have as a suggested blogroll, and I suspected I was hurting people’s feelings when they got rotated off. If you’d been one of those people, I still kept you on my reader, and if it makes you feel better, my exit link stats showed that very few people used my sidebar blogroll. Mostly I did, and so I figured I may as well switch everyone in my reading rotations to my feed reader, for isn’t that what it’s for, and isn’t a blog for something else?

Enter the headache.

Google Reader is new for me. I just started using it after years on BlogLines for the simple reason of wanting to keep my new MacBookPro as spare as possible — believe it or not, I rarely use Firefox anymore finding that Safari works just fine. I can get to Google Reader through my Gmail navigation and so figured I could just start sparingly” it would be fun to build a new reader!

Yeah right. It got added to so, so quickly with all the blogs I read. Adding folders didn’t seem to help, so I’m asking for your help: How do you read blogs, reading them so you still love the reading?

I’ll commit to more soul-searching on the Talking Story reading experience: I know I can always improve things here. Use my contact form if you prefer to give me your likes and dislikes here privately. Next job I’m tackling is another streamlining of the categories.

And if you use Google Reader, do you have any tips for me?

Kona Coffee in the Morning
Warm, strong, and great. Even when you put it in a kiddie mug.

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More about my own RSS feeds: The Care and Feeding of your Talking Story Subscription


  1. Rosa Say says

    1. Here’s my vote for the best blog post I read this morning: via it’s all in my head on Tumblr (which consistently and reliably seems to send me to better link love than Twitter does these days)

    Love photo-blogging how-tos like this: Seems to be one of the very best ways to use a blog. I also want these on my kitchen windowsill – badly. Who wants to cut the bottles for me?

    Design*Sponge Blog: We like it wild: bottle gardens

    2. And seems I’m in good company with blog streamlining… just saw this from JD Meier:
    More Spring Cleanup on Sources of Insight ”“ Simplifying the Experience

  2. says

    I approach blogs the way I approach conversations in life. I know there are going to be many that are high quality but I can’t get to. I also know that there are some that are not as high quality but I keep in touch because I value the friendship in one form or another, but this is truly rare. Usually people that I keep conversing with in my life give a very high caliber, high quality dialog – these are thinkers and action heroes who make incredible things happen in the world.

    I have GReader but I rarely open it up. I will follow leads that I find intriguing and thoughtful – like this one – and spend time to read it. It’s really a matter of personal preference how you approach this!
    .-= Jane Chin ´s last blog ..Questions Every Small Business Entrepreneur Must Ask =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Thank you Jane, I appreciate your thoughtful reply; you’ve continued to be such a good “online friend” to me, and we must meet one of these days!

      I agree that we have little choice but to be selective given the explosion with online publishing (which I believe is a good thing). We have to trust in those choices we make, but also, as you have wisely pointed out, valuing our “thinkers and action heroes” — and being one of those people is a great goal for any blogger or writer to have!

      Lately I have given much thought to the “talking story” expectation here, knowing full well I gravitate more to management and leadership topics in my present editorial calendar, and your phrasing speaks volumes to me — “the way I approach conversations in life” is what I hope to inspire more managers to do, starting with simply having more of them!

      Why we blog must always drive the how and what of it all, for sure.


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