Imagine having a Thought Kit

Last week I encouraged you to Embrace your Systems Thinker. Well, when it comes to THINKING there is so much more nurturing of it we all can do!

“What did you learn today Ralph?
Did you learn what to believe or did you learn how to think?”

— The questions Nathra Nader posed to his then ten-year-old son, Ralph Nader
when he came home from school
From The Tradition of Education and Argument, The Seventeen Traditions

The thinking I’ve been doing lately is about kit creating. It’s thinking, and writing which has spun off into a brand new book!
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Publisher’s Synopsis:

Become a Business Thinker.

Re-imagine work, and gain better control of your life as you do so, even if you never decide to go into business for yourself. Adopting and adapting a business mindset opens up your options, helping you feel confident, connected and in-the-know. This book presents the business thinker’s possibility for a new working attitude with a values-based bonus: the coaching of the Managing with Aloha movement.

Purchasing Options:

Business Thinking with Aloha is now available on Smashwords, within their Premium Catalog: I hope you’ll take the time to check it out, for you can sample 40% of the book for free there, and then choose from eight different reading options, including Kindle.

A note for Kindle owners: Business Thinking with Aloha is also available in the Amazon Kindle Store, however the sample size may be shorter. You can find instructions at this link on purchasing Kindle downloads from Smashwords.

A note for Business Thinkers: Smashwords does have an affiliate program you can check out too! Become an affiliate.

Why Ship So Soon?

I know this seems to come rather quickly on the heels of Become an Alaka‘i Manager in 5 Weeks, yet very naturally so from my perspective. My reasons for publishing the two books align: Both offer Take 5 coaching programs. Both have strong connection to the evolution of  Managing with Aloha in response to the challenges we face in today’s economic climate.

Business Thinking with Aloha (BTWA) is written for the person who has not read either Managing with Aloha or its new how-to guide for Alaka‘i Managers, and who may also be meeting me for the very first time.

As you know dear readers, I write quite a bit, and for a variety of different audiences. Out of everything I have written, this is the mini book I wrote with both of my children in mind (they’re young adults now, ages 26 and 23), and because I felt compelled to be part of the solution for our workforce challenges. I’ve asked them to read this, and share it with their friends and contemporaries, because I want them to have a healthy relationship with work; they’ll be tackling a lot of it! I want them to be inquisitive young adults who seek to shape their world in the best possible way, loving life as they do so, and fully cognizant of how powerful they are with creating their own destiny. Life needn’t just happen to them; they can navigate their choices skillfully and design it.

So can you. As I wrote BTWA I also thought of it as a way I could help the Alaka‘i Manager who would like to give their employees a gift as suggested reading, i.e. something in full alignment and support of what that manager is seeking to learn in their own self-development: I asked myself, “As a manager grows, what lighter, but parallel path can their staff start with?” and Become a Business Thinker became a possible answer.

If you are already into the reading and application of Become an Alaka‘i Manager in 5 Weeks, I suggest you finish that one first. You will then find that BTWA works great as a follow-up which takes you deeper into the 9 Key Concepts, and where Become had ended — and you’ll likely be the person who gains the most benefit from it. Consider BTWA number 4 to this posting: The 1-2-3 journey of Alaka‘i Managers.

Business Thinking with Aloha is a shorter book (it’s about a fourth the reading time of MWA). I think it offers  fabulous utility, an ever-present goal of my work, and I hope you will agree. Go on, grab your sampling today and take a look!