Rapid Fire Learning | Take 5 from March, 2010

Aloha Ho‘ohana Community and learners one and all!

If you are newly joining us, Rapid Fire Learning is another way we “take 5” here at  Talking Story: It happens on the last weekend of the month. Jump right in, or dip your toes first by catching up with a fuller explanation of what it’s all about here:
Rapid Fire Learning Returns to Talking Story.
[Also… You may have seen that post before, but did you catch all the comments there? Good stuff shared by Ulla, Dwayne, Phil, Káren, Steve and Joanna— mahalo to all!]

RFL, Take 5, and Ho‘ohana

We’ve been getting intimately familiar with the value of Ho‘ohana recently, so let’s kick off RFL and our March Take 5 that way: Our Ho‘ohana with this monthly process (our intention and purpose) is to reflect on our learning as a way of retaining it, to share it with each other, and to celebrate it within our sense of place here within our Talking Story community.

I’ll go first, and I invite you to join in. Use the comments here, or send me a trackback from your own site. Tumble something, or tweet yours one-by-one in the Twitter 140 if you like!

My RFLs for Malaki ~ March, 2010:

This month I scribbled my 5 top-of-mind learning sentences out on paper first, and I noticed that they also captured 5 different kinds of learning for me. So I rewrote them to share with you that way:

  1. Learning merits from cooking.
    I continue to collect my lessons-learned from bidding Aloha to Joyful Jubilant Learning this past January, and thus I’m noticing how a couple of half-baked take-aways have become ‘fully risen and well browned’ given the simple merit of allowing some time to pass.
  2. Learning requires the quiet of solitude.
    I find that the more I can keep some time to myself for reflection, the more I think about what I have learned, exploring it more fully, and questioning how I will hold onto it by actually using it well.
  3. Learning requires the noise of company.
    That said, there has been certain learning this past month I was so grateful to have company for, in that people gave it better context and more meaning. I may prefer the quiet for making my final decisions, but I really depend on the musical noises first for doubly good input!
  4. Learning fills open spaces with earlier decisions.
    When you devote yourself to learning something specific, you’re never bored, for calendar openings are opportunities to chip away at it a bit more. Your decision with how to spend available time has already been made and precious minutes are never wasted: They are devoted.
  5. Learning sizzles in action.
    Learning by DOING is the richest learning of all, for it’s the way I will surely go “all in.” Think about that: We learn ‘about’ things constantly, becoming aware of them, but we are more selective in what we actually try to do. And when we do it, wow!
For example, with No.5 above this month: I decided to do the publishing formatting for Managing with Aloha on Kindle myself rather than delegate it, so I could learn ALL about it, and open up my thinking with future publishing possibilities.

My Ho‘ohana Take 5: This is what I have given my ‘Ike loa focus to in March:

You can do your Take 5 in Learning with ‘Ike loa (the Hawaiian value of knowledge seeking) however you wish: No Rules, keep it useful for YOU.

Or you can share in mine! These are my top 5 take-aways particular to 5 of the Talking Story conversations we have had in recent weeks. They are that cooking I mentioned in my RFL No.1 above, specific to  Talking Story. Did your ‘rising and browning’ of our conversation starters turn out differently? I would love to hear about it!

  1. From: Are you a Linchpin, a Genius, or an Alaka‘i Manager?
    This was one of those write-it-out to think-it-out posts for me, and I took the added step of reaching out to someone privately to help me make sense of it. Mahalo Paul, for your generously honest help: Your coaching has been priceless.
  2. From: 2010 Mālama for Say Leadership Coaching
    Another posting in which I shared my inner work processes with you, this time particular to Say Leadership Coaching and some publishing/ web presence statements there. BIG learning in designing for my customers, receptive to their needs and identifying how I best serve them. Mahalo to Karen Swim for her truly stellar advice!
  3. From: When Learning Gets Overwhelming
    No doubt about it: In this stretch of time since our February RFLS/Take 5, this is the Talking Story post I have returned to most. It stimulated the vast majority of my private emails from you too. Mahalo to Ulla, Joanna, and Gwyn for the the comments openly shared there for everyone.
  4. From: Ho‘ohana Stretch Marks
    I write about, speak about, and coach Ho‘ohana so much: I daresay I use the word much more than Aloha! Can it possibly stretch any larger? Oh yes it can.
  5. From: We buy, and work, with our hearts
    This one was about our emotional capacity being better expressed through experience design, and I am self-coaching myself to keep it close. It puts my senses on high alert: I feel it articulates our true opportunity with the job creation topic we are now working on together here. Tough times can make us too pragmatic, and we dismiss our emotions as not as ‘sensible’ or as luxuries we can’t make allowances for until the basics are met. Big mistake, for our emotional intelligence is what needs to get more ‘basic’ in how we embrace it!
When the winter keeps chilling the air we turn to comfort soups. So good! Yes indeed, cooking time makes a big difference.

Your turn! RFL-ing and Taking 5 is way easier than you think

This month-end weekend posting will always look like a long one, appearing to be very ambitious, but it really isn’t —it’s a recap of my keepers, and so it actually gets written very quickly. Once you get into your own RFL/ Take 5 habit you will begin to experience that too. As with most learning, you’ll be slower in the beginning, but you pick up speed!

So jump in. What have you learned during this month of March?
We learn so much from each other when we share it!

Which reminds me: I MUST add another Mahalo to Lodewijk van den Broek. Have you noticed how my post titles will now appear in the subject line of your email subscription? It was Lodewijk who taught me how to get that done for us :)

We Ho‘ohana together, Kākou,


  1. says

    here are the five things I learned in March (and which I am still learning, as they will be constant process for some time)
    1. the differences between twitter and facebook and why I need to do both
    2. that sometimes squidoo pages simply want to get created – I rediscovered my passion regarding writing about artists
    3. that painting with watercolor pencils is fun, and that working over the paintings with photoshop is still more fun
    4. that some of my photos are good enough to do some postcards with them – I rediscovered zazzle.com and the possibilities it offers
    5. that there is an inner creator, but I have to take care of him – nurse him, encourage him, even organize him (which means scheduling time for being creative)
    .-= Ulla ´s last blog ..Authors I enjoy ”“ Dorothy Sayers =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Thank you for sharing Ulla!
      I’d say you’re doing a fabulous job taking care of that inner creator you have, for he certainly is inspiring you in ways that give back tenfold.