Learning Managing with Aloha: 9 Key Concepts

If we used our insider’s Ho‘ohana Community language of intention for this posting, I would list this post title as:

Our MWA ‘Ike loa SCL Learning m.o: 9 Key Concepts for 9 TS Categories

  • Ours. Definitely.
  • MWA = Managing with Aloha
  • ‘Ike loa SCL = the Sequential and Consequential Learning of ‘Ike loa, the Hawaiian value of learning (covered on page 136 in the book, and covered in this Talking Story tag: ‘Ike loa SCL. I’ll save you the click and reprint it below.)
  • Our Learning m.o. = m.o. is Modus operandi, operating method. In this case, our method of continuing with our MWA learning after book publication. We ho‘omau; persist.
  • 9 Key Concepts = A second way we learn about Managing with Aloha, to fortify and better retain the first time we learned it, while we simultaneous reframe MWA within our workplace context. We adapt MWA to our present work using these 9 key concepts, to make the philosophy timely and optimally useful.
    (The first framing we’d used for MWA was values-based management, and the 19 chapters and values listed in the book’s Table of Contents, giving the MWA “sensibility for worthwhile work” its bone structure.)
  • 9 TS Categories = A duplication of the MWA 9 Key Concepts here on Talking Story as a selection of post categories. They are our buckets for the continual learning we explore about Managing with Aloha here within this blog’s format.

All to say… I am bringing a MWA page we use all the time here to its own home on Talking Story, so I need not link you off this blog and to another site anymore… Here it is:

Learning Managing with Aloha on Talking Story:
The 9 Key Concept Categories

Call it the goodness of the grid

I do hope that you are taking advantage of the 9-Key framework we use in our learning. If you’re a new reader, you cannot take advantage of something you’ve not yet noticed here on the blog, and thus my prompting for you: Please take a look!

Learning Managing with Aloha on Talking Story:
The 9 Key Concept Categories

Knowing how I categorize posts beyond (and within) our current Take 5 strategies can prove to be very useful. Besides telling you a bit more about how I organize things here, you’ll quickly become the Alaka‘i Manager who is a Managing with Aloha guru :-)

And here you thought Talking Story was all fun and games, huh.

Learn what we mean by “the MWA value alignment of the 9 Key grid” this weekend. You’ll be glad you did.

Learning Managing with Aloha on Talking Story:
The 9 Key Concept Categories

I promised you an excerpt…

“”someone who calls themselves a manager of people must be a learner, and they must dedicate themselves to non-stop, sequential and consequential learning.

Sequential in that it builds upon previous lessons learned, and it takes you through a process where you question instruction and do not always accept what you are taught at face value; you polish it like a gem in your mind until something about it rings true for you.

Consequential in that it is worthwhile stuff; it makes a difference for you, and you aren’t simply collecting lessons on some scorecard. There’s some personal take-away in it for you. Now that you know it, you’re going to use it.”

‘Ike loa; to seek knowledge and wisdom.
Managing with Aloha (page 136)

Now go check out the new page, pretty please?

Learning Managing with Aloha on Talking Story:
The 9 Key Concept Categories

Photo Credit: Back on the Grid by NatalieJ on Flickr