Weekend Reading: Let’s go Blog Rolling

Do titles like these entice you to spend a quiet hour or two reading this weekend?

Ho‘ohana CommunityThey pull at me, for sure, so much so that I commented on several of them. There were others which started talk-story conversations and workplace huddles for me this past week:

  • The Battle Between Getting Things Done And Yummy Chocolate Cake by Chris Bailey
  • The Truth About Selling? It’s Really Giving by Phil Gerbyshak
  • Adrift on a sea of possibilities by Rich Griffith
  • Are they extraordinary? Do you see beauty at work? Training Salons by Lisa Haneberg
  • Tumblr ”“ what is it good for? by Ulla Hennig
  • Do YOU Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur? Part I by Jeanne Male
  • On the Meaning of Self-Appreciation by Dan Oestreich
  • Use Intent not Goal by Dave Rothacker
  • Is the American Dream Dead? by Fred H Schlegel
  • A Critical Difference Between a Good and Great Leader (And It’s Not What You May Think) by Terry Starbucker
  • Is Listening Part of Your Branding Strategy? by Karen Swim
  • How to Educate Senior Leaders for Employee Engagement by David Zinger
  • Cherish You! challenge for Feb 2010 by Karen Wallace
    (New Ruzuku challenge! I will be participating in this one, which starts February 16th… remember the ones we did for Listening, and for the D5M?)

So where do you find their links?

Update… I have changed this practice, and explain why here: Sunday Reading, Feeds and Blogs — Help!

Within the Talking Story blogroll, right column, when you click directly into the blog itself.
Come take a look, and visit some of the thought leaders I most admire and am presently learning from. I use RSS feeds and not static web-page links to share them, so they get updated every 24 hours, and as the bloggers post something new. Three titles always appear for each author.

How do I choose them?

As part of my Ho‘ohana intentions.

I have more than 200 feeds in my RSS reader, and there are a handful of others which get my inbox permission (as I boldly asked you to give Talking Story a few days ago) for their direct connection to my now-in-progress Ho‘ohana [intentions working with Aloha]. These feeds on the Talking Story blogroll fall in other ‘Ike loa categories [the value of learning] somehow connected to the themes I write of here, and I do switch in and out, rotating them constantly. I also feel that the authors selected write in alignment with our Managing with Aloha values, whether they are aware of that connection or not!

Share your favorites too:

I feel very strongly about this: We learn best from other people.

If there is a blogger you feel writes of themes which will appeal to the Talking Story community of readers, share your Aloha for them in the comments. Besides giving us a link to their places, tell us why you are making the recommendation, and how you feel they are aligned with the values of Managing with Aloha, or the 9 Key concepts which guide us as we live, work, manage and lead with Aloha:

  1. Aloha (currently: February’s Strengthening. We know it as Love)
  2. Ho‘ohana (working with Aloha)
  3. Value Alignment
  4. The Role of the Manager, Reconstructed
  5. Language of Intention
  6. The ‘Ohana in Business
  7. Strengths Management
  8. Sense of Place
  9. Palena ‘ole (Unlimited Capacity)

If you have any hesitation whatsoever, and you are still someone who has not developed some kind of RSS or email subscription habit in reading different blogs, this early Valentine I received yesterday from Steve Sherlock may convince you! Engaging with bloggers can create wondrous connections for you…

Hitchhiking with Aloha

It started while hitchhiking. Not the kind of hitchhiking where I am standing by the roadside, one hand in my jeans, the other stretching out my thumb up looking for a ride, any ride, as long as it is headed to Chicago for SOBCon!

No, it was hitchhiking through the blogosphere, clicking a link here, and a link there. Following a stream of conversation, a train of thought, a host of images, a world of wonderful learning. Sharing what I found and learned along the way… continued at Steve’s 2 Cents.

I love weekend reading, don’t you?

Photo Credit: Modified RSS Podcast Logo by Colleen AF Venable on Flickr
More about my RSS feeds: The Care and Feeding of your Talking Story Subscription


    • Rosa Say says

      I think you triggered a great conversation with that posting Fred. Your title resonated, and pulled us in, and then the good intention of your article radiated the warmth of encouragement we needed to feel, and add our voices to.

  1. says


    Thanks for putting me on the list. Although I agree with you in that management is the focus for this year and maybe the decade once in a while it is important to give leaders a little boost.


    • Rosa Say says

      David, your posting, where you shared the response you gave to a question, was true Ho‘ohana expression for me. As you said at the ending of your seven thoughts shared with her:

      “Jennifer, I am glad you asked for this as it just made me realize that my approach to leadership engagement is taking a more articulated form when I can write this off of the top of my head and from the caring of my heart to reach out and get results that matter to all.”

      Fabulous language of intention!

  2. says

    I feel so honoured to be included in your blog roll. Now I have to stand and deliver – which is a challenge sweet and hard at the same time.
    And thanks so much for providing those inspiring links – I’ve got the feeling that I have to organize my reading time…
    .-= Ulla ´s last blog ..Tumblr ”“ what is it good for? =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Dear sweet Ulla, you stand and deliver beautifully! And with English as your second language too ~ you inspire me regularly.

    • Rosa Say says

      I am looking forward to your Cherish You! challenge on Ruzuku this week Káren, so very fitting for February in the days just after Valentine’s Day so we soothe any let-down (or reckon with the hype of it all…) and so strongly connected to Aloha.

      As for exploring rabbit holes, I think we can all learn a thing or two from Alice… I love this bit which Lewis Carroll had written in Alice in Wonderland:

      “There’s no use in trying,” said Alice. “One can’t believe impossible things.”

      “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

  3. Rosa Say says

    Newly appearing on my blogroll today: Steve Roesler of All Things Workplace. As you can imagine, I LOVE his emphasis on the workplace. I have read his articles often, and they resonate often: I would like to keep up with him better than I have been. His newest posting is a very thought-provoking one: Talent & The “Misunderstanding Maslow” Factor

    Count me among those who has often referred to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, particularly in connection to the Hawaiian value of Kuleana (personal responsibility). Steve says,

    I’ve read that it is the most-used model in management training. I think it’s also one of the most mis-represented and misunderstood.

    My articles have been these two:

    1. Sense of Workplace: It’s Milk, Maslow and You (October 2009)
    2. Strengths, Values, and that Pyramid (May 2005)