1. Rosa Say says

    Anne asked (via a dm on Twitter), “How do you say Happy Valentine’s Day in Hawaiian?”

    Truth is that we don’t. Can’t recall ever hearing it said in Hawaiian.

    So I looked it up in Pukui Elbert, and they’ve listed:

    Ka Lā o Lono i ke aweawe aloha “the day of the god of love and mercy” coined only in 1980.

    Too long! …It makes sense when you know of Hawai‘i’s relationship with all manner of gods, in this case, St. Valentine.

    So I prefer hau‘oli ka lā aloha kākou “happy day of love and aloha for us all.”

    Still a bit long, but more of a wish, and one we can say knowing there is a lot of Aloha to go around. Aloha is always plentiful, and always giving, and just needs to be said more often so it can be felt more often.

    Say it your way today. English works just as well! Valentine’s Day can be Aloha Blooming!

  2. Anne says

    I love (pun intended!) the wish of Hau’oli ka la aloha kakou translated as “happy day of love and aloha for us all”… Mahalo, Rosa!

  3. says

    I love that too, Rosa! Valentine’s Day is often promoted as the day for couples which leaves a lot of people out (I must admit that it gets on my nerves, being a single now). But extending Valentine’s day to all those we love makes it a great day for me, too.
    .-= Ulla ´s last blog ..Tumblr ”“ what is it good for? =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Yes… romantic love is wonderful, no doubt about it, but it’s just one kind of love. We human beings are capable of so much more love, fascinating creatures that we are :-)

      I think the abundance of love is one of the greatest attributes the emotion has.


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