Rapid Fire Learning Returns to Talking Story

Preface: If “Rapid Fire Learning” isn’t ringing a bell of quick recognition with you, I ask that you learn all about it by reading this duet of postings:

  1. This is the FAQ sheet for RFL which is in residence on Joyful Jubilant Learning, a site now archived as an online resource for our Ho‘ohana Community:
    About Rapid Fire Learning
  2. This is one of the more recent articles I had written about RFL here on Talking Story:
    Our RFL Recall: Are you Remembering or Learning?

Then please, do come back to this one! Your Talking Story, Say “Alaka‘i” and Managing with Aloha connections appear at the ending of this posting.

Aloha, and mahalo for spending part of your weekend with me!

Our Ho‘ohana Intentions

Starting today and tomorrow, I’ll be bringing Rapid Fire Learning here to Talking Story on the last weekend of each month, with a new twist: The weekend will serve as a full learning immersion value-aligned to ‘Ike loa (the MWA value of learning), and therefore open to both RFL the way we have known it within our JJL habit, and Take 5, our practice here on Talking Story of keeping a Take 5 focus in the game-changing strategy we’ve set our sights on as our 2010 Ho‘ohana.

Now I know that is quite a mouthful, and if you “got it!” in reading that last paragraph, wow! I am impressed (and profoundly grateful) for you are a true Joyful Jubilant Learner, and a  Talking Story/ Managing with Aloha champion!

If you aren’t quite there yet, not to worry! Take an easy, relaxing weekend breath, and please, please don’t let me scare you away, for RFL and Take 5 have one purpose: To celebrate you and your learning in a joyful way, Hau‘oli‘oliin joy, wonder and delight.

We’ll just let that paragraph of Ho‘ohana intentions stand as is: Rather than break it down, I think the easiest way is to take a cue from Nike, and Just do it! So here we go…

I’ll go first, and I invite you to join in. Use the comments here, or send me a trackback from your own site. Tumble something, or tweet yours one-by-one in the Twitter 140 if you like!

My RFLs for February, 2010, stream-of-consciousness, as I sit for this writing capture:

Our JJL practice had been to “take 5” in our RFL listing too, capturing the learning strongest in the current month’s memory impressions. After jotting down your RFLs, you may choose to look back into your journaling, or skim your own blog’s archive listing, asking yourself why your RFL capture may have differed from your documentation: The comparison can trigger even more learning for you.

Here’s mine:

  1. When I decide on some kind of theme for my month, I do experience a passionate flare-up about it, for I am simply paying attention better, in a very channeled, specific way. However for me, the theme cannot solely indulge in blogging conventions; it has to connect to my Alaka‘i coaching.
  2. Saying “No” or “game over” to friends and colleagues can be very difficult, but the emotions eventually stop churning when you have a burning “Yes!” of your own which you will commit to as your Ho‘ohana. I must keep my own burning yes alive and well, for in the end, I will serve everyone better that way.
  3. I need to allocate more time in my Strong Week Plan for finishing well. I have been much too quick to flit from one project or task to another, when short and deep immersion is what actually works better for me. Less is more.
  4. BIG impression made on me this month by Jason Fried when he said, “Inspiration is perishable” in this podcast. I am learning to “work fresh” when I have an idea that is connected to my “burning Yes!”
  5. Proving once again that learning benefits from those unexpected refresher courses your health will give you: Amazing how much of your life shifts when you take ill; it becomes continuous learning in Mālama, the value of stewardship, caring and compassion. (Your business is a person, separate from you.)

My Ho‘ohana Take 5: This is what I have given my ‘Ike loa focus to in February:

You can do your Take 5 in Learning however you wish: No Rules, keep it useful for YOU.

All of mine have something to do with a post done here at Talking Story this month, but I am purposely not linking them up, for I want to keep the words alone as my Language of Intention triggers, stimulating new thoughts in sequential and consequential learning. My Take 5 will help me look ahead to the month of March, knowing that, as prompted by RFL number 3. above, I am not finished with these:

  1. You’ll be the company you keep. Aloha teaches both unconditional acceptance, and a “what’s next?” choosiness of discretionary intention.
  2. My game-changing in productivity stress-free performance requires a Trusted System: Am I busy, or accomplished? Is my behavior acceptable, or inspirational? Big difference.
  3. Of Significance: 1. Learning is a never-ending Project. “Everything is a learning experience. However, all learning isn’t equal.” Of Significance: 2. Communication benefits greatly from Sense of Place. Effective communication requires choices and faithfulness to those choices.
  4. Being positive is Hō‘imi: Looking for it. And when I look for it, I manage to find it! Writing then (and my speaking, and my teaching, and my photography), becomes a deeper exploration of that discovery. Your words will move you there if you let them.
  5. Feeling good isn’t necessarily the same as feeling strong —and your strengths do make you feel strong. The Alaka‘i manager who delivers this clarity to a workplace will be indispensable.

Now your turn!

Use the comments here for one or the other, or both. Ho‘olokomaika‘i: Be generous, knowing that your sharing will encourage others to reflect on, and appreciate their own learning too.

Consider using your coffee time, or bookend your weekend with us: Perhaps Saturday for one, and Sunday for the other?

Additional coaching for the Say Alaka‘i Manager:

If you are really ambitious, you can somehow connect this with either our Weekly Review, or a decision you made last weekend with Hō‘imi, the 3 Secrets of Being Positive, and your Trusted System.

However what I said above is worth repeating: No Rules or specific steps —get this to be useful for you in the design of your own learning success structure. Give yourself some whole-minded love, knowing your self-care is your February strengthener.

“”someone who calls themselves a manager of people must be a learner, and they must dedicate themselves to non-stop, sequential and consequential learning.

Sequential in that it builds upon previous lessons learned, and it takes you through a process where you question instruction and do not always accept what you are taught at face value; you polish it like a gem in your mind until something about it rings true for you.  

Consequential in that it is worthwhile stuff; it makes a difference for you, and you aren’t simply collecting lessons on some scorecard. There’s some personal take-away in it for you. Now that you know it, you’re going to use it.”

‘Ike loa; to seek knowledge and wisdom in Managing with Aloha (page 136)

Photo Credits: Our Ho‘ohana Community icon and Rapid Fire Learning banner were designed for us by Tim Milburn, of StudentLinc who says, “Leaders are learners.” “Experiment Five” was shot by woodleywonderworks, and “Pent” was taken by Here’s Kate; both found on Flickr.


  1. says

    First of all thanks for taking RFL over to Talking Story!
    Here are my five for February:
    1. I had to learn how to cope with first being ill and having severe pains and then second with the fact that body and mind belong together – it took me some time to get creative again!
    2. So I had to learn to be patient…
    3. When energy and creativity had come back I learnt how to use technical tools to reach a certain level of productivity. I think I found my tools now and will stick to them.
    4. February was quite a challenging month for me at work. I learned that challenges can have a very energizing effect.
    5. February was / is a very winter-y month here in Berlin. I learned to be patient with the weather and to cope with snow and ice although I would rather have smelled the scent of flowers…

    • Rosa Say says

      Seems February was a great teacher for you Ulla, with learning your best blending of patience and seized energy: Very useful!

  2. Dwayne Melancon says

    My Five For February were:
    1) I realized that sometimes an unexpected break can serve you well. Without intending to, I took a few weeks off from blogging and now I have lots more good ideas that I will start working in this week.
    2) I realized the value of having tools that make what you do more fun. I’m switching to a Mac and I love it.
    3) I learned that I really do like to travel for business, and my last year of lighter travel negatively impacted my learning.
    4) I learned that asking for the job you want is easier if *you* invent that job.
    5) I learned that Girl Scout cookies build character and bring people together!

    • Rosa Say says

      Welcome to Mac computing Dwayne! Just since November for me, and immense learning. We need to talk story one day when you get to your GTD integration the mac way, as I am sure you will! Hope there will be a blog post soon on your Genuine Curiosity about number 4… please?

  3. says

    My learnings are more like reminders, for they are things I’ve RE-learned this month.

    1) I’ve learned there are only so many hours in the day, so I must focus on the ones I can control. I’ve got 90 days or so left at my day job, and that still occupies 8-10 hours a day of my life. I can’t control that, but I can control my early mornings, and I am most productive when I do focus on controlling that time.

    2) Whether life is a short story or an epic novel, the only thing I can control is the quality of my life. A friend passed away this past week at the ripe young age of 43. His life was full of life and I learned to cherish every moment I have.

    3) I learned that I need help to get things finished. I love to start new things, but once the thrill of starting is gone, I can get stuck. I’m realizing finding a partner to complement my strength is good for both parties.

    4) I’m learning that less is truly more. Less fracturing of my attention means I can do more with what I have. I’m working hard to split my address book up into parts for contacting folks and making sure I don’t miss important days. The 1% of people that mean the most of me cannot take a backseat to the 99% who crave the most attention (and deserve the least).

    5) I learned that energy not used is wasted. I have a lot of energy, and sometimes I reign it in. When I do that, the time and energy is wasted. I have to share it, have to create something, have to DO something, so I don’t lose that momentum.

    Thanks for the prompting Rosa. Feels so right being back at Talking Story, the place where I first found you and your community. So glad to still be a part of it.
    .-= Phil ´s last blog ..Tanmay Vora: #QUALITYtweet interview =-.

  4. says

    Yay Rosa! I love that you’ve brought back RFL here… thank you

    February has been a HUGE month for me – here’s five off the top of my head:

    1. Sometimes, if you build it, trust in it and just Do It (in true Nike fashion:) they WILL come… I launched my first Ruzuku challenge for The Calm Space in February, and ended up with a waiting list for the next one!

    2. Community and connection make for powerful learning, not only for those there to learn, but also those there to teach

    3. Men and women think differently. Um, OK, I already knew this one, but it was reinforced during the challenge.

    4. Loving yourself builds belief. Belief builds courage. Courage leads to action. Action leads to amazing discoveries…

    5. That it is OK to step up and say ‘no more’ when it’s time to move on (this is something I learned watching your courage, Rosa, when you made that decision to call ‘game over’ for JJL…)

    • Rosa Say says

      Káren, your Ruzuku challenge was OUTSTANDING, and I was so thrilled I was able to participate as part of my February too. Girl, you are a phenomenal Mālama coach; I sincerely feel it is part of your genius the way Seth Godin is now describing it in Linchpin:

      “A genius looks at something that others are stuck on and gets the world unstuck.”

  5. says

    February, the shortest month, is still long on learning experiences! Here are my five:

    1 – It was good to step back in front of the group of eager learners at PodCamp WesternMass and take them through Blogging 101

    2 – The fickleness of New England’s weather is no longer unique to our area, it seems everyone is having many changes to adjust to

    3 – each new day is a commencement on the remainder of life, it becomes a great day when three things occur: you learn something, you help someone, you laugh

    4 – each new day is a commencement on the remainder of life, it becomes a good day when any combination of two of these three things occur: you learn something, you help someone, you laugh

    5 – the “essence of Steve” is being further refined. I manage change to create a good experience. I help people (and business help their customers) navigate the intersection where business process meets technology.
    .-= Steve ´s last blog ..The future is all a game! =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Oh my Steve, there are several Ho‘ohana clues and signposts noted in your RFL this time! I encourage you to take more time exploring what you wrote here in some private journaling time if this was indeed a stream-of-consciousness sharing here.

  6. says

    Aloha Rosa, thank you for hosting RFL over here, and I am doubly glad to be visiting today, knowing you are enjoying an ‘ordinary Sunday’.

    The 5 things I have learned in February:

    1. How much labels get in my way. I took a blogging break not so much for the break (as I have been writing and creating a lot in other places) but to peel off some labels, try out some others, and explore what happens when I apply new / different ones

    2. Poetry is fun… I’ve written & shared more and more in February, and really enjoyed it. i’ve just done it quickly, without time to edit, worry or self-criticise, and it’s been great

    3. Learned some new skills in digital storytelling – creating audio slideshows with photos / audio. Made me remember how I love learning / mastering new technical skills. Now need to work out how to apply

    4. Learned a lot by reaching out and making connections this month, and asking people for help and advice. The momentum fell away a bit later in the month, I need to continue in March & reinforce the habit to get the benefits

    5. I’ve been doing some learning with a study partner – it’s been so energising to have someone else who’s keen and interested to read with, share ideas with, exchange notes… Looking forward to learning more both about the content and the way of learning in March

    If I’m allowed one more… I’ve learned that joyful learners don’t stop learning, they just learn new ways to connect, share, laugh, inspire and support each other :-)

    • Rosa Say says

      Joanna, I must say that I am relishing your Twitter-shared links. The content they lead to is always as special as we have come to expect from you, but it has also been a “What now?” surprise-filled romp into seeing how much you are creating when I go to the urls for the first time.

      I am intrigued with what your Take 5 for March will look like, and I will keep following along, for there is a fresh and exciting Joanna story getting written right now.