At JJL: Open Loops, Meet Sweet Closure

On January 1st I posted: At JJL: Thrive in 2010 by Learning Healthy Living

jjl170x170mainbadge.2009Have you decided to Learn Healthy Living in 2010 too?

I hope you are nodding yes, for without healthy living everything else gets to be a moot point.

Today I am following up with my specific contribution to the JJL month and editorial calendar, with a posting called:
Open Loops, Meet Sweet Closure.

By way of quick preview, here are the subtitles included:

  • January 2010. Healthy Living. Where to start?
    It makes a connection to another post here in our Talking Story archives… following up!
  • Open Loops
    I explain what they are, and how I came to fold them into my vocabulary and Language of Intention.
  • Sweet Closure
    When I work on Sweet Closure I feel strong. I feel prepared. I feel confident.
  • Three Joyful Learning Questions
    2 coaching questions for you. The 3rd is more of an invitation, and I am hoping we get a few responses to learn from in the comments!
    Will I be reading what you have to say?!?!?
    These are just one kind of open loops, and I bet we can work on others together.

Unlaced sneakers by ThaRainbowRaider. on Flickr.

As a final bonus, I make a very public declaration of my own Ho‘ohana Intention: Will you be someone in our Ho‘ohana Community who holds me accountable? Grab your chance, and click over to Joyful Jubilant Learning right now


  1. Rosa Say says

    Update: Oh wow… when I wrote this post, I truly had no plan or thought about declaring “game over” for JJL as this result:

    Here is my Ho‘ohana Intention: I am going to close my way-too-old, too-wide-open loop with healthy living this January in some way, enough to get my arms around it, so it is not an all-2010 mantle.

    Yet that is precisely what happened… JJL was the mantle to move from… Once a JJLer, always a JJLer!