Tickle Your Toes

My goodness. In doing my Weekly Review this weekend I had that moment.

You know the one: The moment you realize Thanksgiving is mere days away, which means that holiday season is here whether you are ready for it or not, which means there are only six weeks left to the end of one year and beginning of another one. 6 Fridays from now, it will be January 1, 2010.

I’m not freaking out about it… I’m not freaking out about it… I’m not freaking out about it. If I say it enough, I won’t. Right?

The cure for thinking about 6 Fridays From Now is living within the moment of the present.

Churning Colors

Take a walk along a beach like this one, or stare into the photo and imagine you are. The waves don’t care that there are 6 Fridays From Now to be traveled… they just want to tickle your toes and catch you because you’ve stared at the horizon mesmerized and forgot to step back knowing they would surge forward again.

When you live within the moments of the present, your toes get tickled. It’s really, really nice.

So today, if you feel compelled to make The List, the one which ticks off what you will achieve in each of the 6 Fridays From Now, include some toe tickling.

What would be a toe-tickler for you?

Sand waves and my ripples

I think that “toe tickling” should be added to our Language of Intention… don’t you?
From The 9 Key Concepts of Managing with Aloha:

5. Language of Intention:

Language, vocabulary, and conversation combine as our primary tools in business communications: What we speak is fifty times more important than what we write (yes, this is coming from someone who is an author too!) The need for CLEAR, intentional, reliable and responsive communication is critical in thriving businesses. Drive communication of the right messages, and you drive momentum and worthwhile energies.