Living Mahalo with my Dailies


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Sunday Mālama: Living Mahalo with my Dailies

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  1. says

    Rosa, what a powerful post! You had me right to the end, although I was very tempted to check out Marcus Buckingham’s book (somehow that one had slipped under my radar – thanks for bringing it to my attention).

    I’m sorry for the loss of Stephen, but the legacy you have given him (in the most powerful of ways) will live on… and blesses everyone as you share it.

    I see you as one of my muses, and therefore I am listening and heeding your wisdom. I love your list of dailies and am definitely inspired to create my own. But I will need to find my own time to do that. This past week saw the end of the school year for us here in Australia (yep, the kids are now on holidays for two whole months!) and also my Mother’s birthday, so Stephen’s Day may have to be on another date for me – perhaps January as that is my month for reflection, planning, and commitment to my life.

    There is so much here, I’m bookmarking and will revisit very soon. Hmm, maybe I’ll even (gasp!) print it out and pop it into my notebook for those stolen spare moments over the next month.

    My appreciation for your sharing spirit, Rosa. I feel inspired and thankful as I absorb your wisdom.

    Mahalo. K xx

    • Rosa Say says

      Aloha Káren, always such a joy to get your comments here, thank you!

      I think you will enjoy the Marcus Buckingham book as he wrote it specifically for women, but also because of your still relatively fresh transition from corporate life. In comparison to his other books, I have also found this to be one I am getting more out of on audio for some reason, though I do go back to the hardcover to annotate it (you know of my habits that way :) I will be writing about it more here in the weeks to come I am sure.

      I do encourage you to try this when you have that quiet you mention, so that it really is an exercise that is for you and about you, and not one that is seeking to serve others in your multiple roles of mother, wife, friend, Calm Space publisher and more (essential JJL board member!) You deserve the investment in your own needs my friend.

  2. says

    thank you for that wonderful post which gives me so much to think about. Yes, I pretty well remember the feeling I had when I read your last year’s post. It was a mixture between shaking my head in disbelief and sitting at my laptop wanting to be as organized or as structured as you are, my dear friend.
    Now, a year later, I spend almost all the time off the office with my writing activities – blog posting and writing squidoo lenses. Writing has become one of my dailies, and because it has become some sort of passion, I stick to it. If you are really passionate about something – so i think today – discipline and structure and daily plans are important to support it – or, put in another way – they make passion liveable / doable.
    Can we say: passion needs tools? Strange question…
    .-= ´s last blog ..First Advent Sunday is Coming! =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      I don’t think that is a strange question at all Ulla, for yes, I definitely would say that passion needs tools —expressive ones, exploratory ones, questing ones… I like the thought of that.

      My Stephen’s Day Dailies have definitely been a help to me in picking through the messages of my own passions so I pay better attention to them. This year, the mere fact that I ended up with 12 of them got me to think much more about the year to come… I am playing with the thought of turning these into 12 value themes, one for each month of 2010… still journaling about it to get all the thinking out —that same writing to think we both so love!

      And Ulla, as I commented on your blog, thank you so much for the reminder about Advent Sundays and the wreaths (thanks to your checking off the CommentLuv here :) for December will be all about Christmasy everything for me this year!