Just Once in Our Lifetimes! 09-09-09

Posting! It is 9:09:09 a.m. on 09-09-09… publish! Here is the first photo I took today, coffee habit that I have…

Brown coffee beans make blue shadows

Did you know that dark brown coffee beans make blue shadows?

9 beans
In 9 boxes
With 9 blue shadows

You will see another “Why?” behind the photo if you click over to Joyful Jubilant Learning today… Come join us there: Just Once in Our Lifetimes: 09-09-09

Have you a 09-09-09 idea?

Ready to play? Doing “different” need not be a gargantuan effort or very elaborate affair: It just needs to be about YOU learning about a new capacity within you. Every new thing you learn about yourself is cause to celebrate: Why not have today be the day you do so?