Ho‘ohana Community Focus Delivers Harmony

Sorta reads like a newspaper headline, doesn’t it? Another title for this post could be “welcome to my world” but aren’t you more interested hearing about Lōkahi (harmony) getting delivered? Me too!

I won’t ‘bury the lead’ any further. This mid-week post is about catching our breath, and getting a grip on where we happen to be this 2nd day of September, 2009 because Talking Story has my renewed commitment as my Ho‘ohana Publishing ‘mothership.’ Promised you, promised myself. It’s about harmony with our online/ web-based connective rhythms.

Perigee by Fe Ilya
Perigee by Fe Ilya

“Earth to Rosa, come in!”

I still miss my monthly newsletter at times; remember Ho‘ohana ‘ÅŒlelo and the Value of the Month program I used to publish?

Well, this month is one where I honestly did not miss it, for there is enough stuff going on as it is. When the 1st of a month falls on Tuesday I have a lot of writing to do. It all bunches up, and I fully realize it gets inflicted as a lot of reading for you, the kind folk who subscribe to my stuff —and I certainly do not want you to think of any of it as an infliction!

And you ARE reading, right? No skipping allowed!
Skimming and saving to savor later is okay I guess (good one Padawan).

If you are a newer reader, here’s the quick look at the Ho‘ohana Publishing editorial calendar each month, followed by a link to an example of each one: Think of this as a mini magazine within this post :) As the planet spins and Rosa orbits in her mothership”

Ho‘ohana Community

  1. Last day of each month: “Day Last” Ho‘ohana Community profile feature on Joyful Jubilant Learning (July 31: Are we communicating yet? Let’s talk about JJL and You.)
  2. First day of each month: “Day First” where we introduce the month’s learning theme on Joyful Jubilant Learning (Yesterday, September 1: Learning the Joy of 9)
  3. 2nd or 3rd day of each month: Leading by example at JJL with a kick-off post to theme —I gladly relinquish this day to any emerging leader-writer wanting to sign up for it!
    (Today it is me. Learning My 9 Boxes)
  4. Every Tuesday: Some kind of leadership article for Say “Alaka‘i”
    (Leadership is Why and When)
  5. Every Thursday: Some kind of management article for Say “Alaka‘i”
    (Management is What and How)
  6. Clarifying Bonus Link: Why are Say “Alaka‘i” postings duplicated on Talking Story?
  7. 25th of each month: Rapid Fire Learning (JJL How-to), and
    (a Talking Story commentary: Our RFL Recall: Are you Remembering or Learning?)

All works out to be a perfect planetary orbit of no more than one post a day when they don’t overlap or bunch up. (Believe it or not, I do have reasonable goals for us both, and one a day is plenty).

But seriously now, what self-managing or self-leading challenge (a.k.a. fun) would that be?

So here’s the good news about me still not returning to writing the Value your Month to Value your Life program (for those of you who are information gluttons for punishment, and still asking me about it). The Good News is two-fold:

1. This is your newsletter for September :-)
2. When I’m not writing about any value in particular, and I am weaving them into everything instead, I can jump on another thematic bandwagon! Good news, because September happens to be offering a very good one.

You think I have already written about everything I care about and have had no secrets? Ha!

My Palindromic Universe

Yep, I can make anything sound good. It’s a talent. I was the kid in school who loved essay tests and cringed when it was multiple choice” I am sure I started asking “Why” 5 times when still in the womb. So gimme an essay question and prepare to be amazed at the rabbit trails I could craft with it. My teachers said I was gifted in “creative writing” but I don’t think it was a compliment then.

Anyways” almost slipped down that rabbit trail” my adoration of the number 9 has been this delicious secret I have kept from you the entire 5 years, 1 week, and 2 days I have now been blogging.

It intensified way back on 05-05-05, when the lightbulb went on that we would have these palindromic dates once a year to come until 12-12-12. Palindromes are words or phrases that read the same in both directions (here are some examples). Word-wise, “Never odd or even” is one I really like, but perhaps especially now because I have numbers on the brain.

Sorry. Just did it again (rabbit trail). About the secret: You’ve known about my obsession with 5, but I haven’t told you about how 5 is really a drill-down from 9. Nearly everything I do in strategic planning, whether for Ho‘ohana Publishing or my coaching, teaching, training or speaking starts with a brain dump into 9 boxes. 9 has been my potent planner, stashed in the secret inner compartment of the mothership fuel tanker called my childhood brain.


Today you get the story, its earthly origins revealed, because this month, this year, is the arrival of the 09-09-09 palindrome, and that’s just plain fun harmony; the worlds collide! September, nines, palindromes, learning joy, managing/leading context, drill-downs to 5, numerology as the sexy cousin to stuffy business financial literacy, all of it ”“ Lōkahi. Our Ho‘ohana Community focus delivers harmony this month in such a cool way.

I am so damned proud of myself for keeping my 9 boxes story planned for this month since I’ve started blogging. It’s amazing, really. That’s a long time for me to wait, for I am usually lousy at delayed gratification! (I have that bias toward sense of urgency, remember?) You have to read it, even though you have to click over to JJL to do so, okay?

Mahalo plenty.
Here’s the link: Learning My 9 Boxes.

What else? Loose Ends?

Hmmm” Let’s bring this photo back too:

If you have been a Talking Story reader exclusively up to now, I do hope you will consider blending in Joyful Jubilant Learning this month as well, getting your own Lōkahi harmonies from Learning the Joy of 9 there, and Numerology here and on Say “Alaka‘i” (which I blend in here for you.)

So how will I fit in Twitter, #FridayFlash and my recent dabbling into fiction? Who knows” everything was impossible until the first person did it, right?

Aren’t you glad you have that email subscription? It really is the easiest way. I even use it, and I write it! Highly useful: I use it the same way I use the JJL one.

Interstellar Docking Station

By the way, in case you hadn’t noticed, I have brought back Ho‘ohana Aloha too. I slipped it back into the navigational links top of page as “Tumblr” because Ho‘ohana Aloha wouldn’t fit.

I am using it to aggregate all Ho‘ohana Publishing links, interspersed with any other interesting learning links I find and want to share with you. I used to do link-love posts here on Talking Story, but it really makes no sense to do that anymore when such cool web apps exist to do so quicker, easier and presented much better. Why duplicate, when you just need to make it known where to go to?

I share stuff on Twitter too, but if you want to get more reading recommendations from me Ho‘ohana Aloha is the place to go. I’m not restricted to the 140-character micro-tweets, and Tumblr moves slower than the A.D.D.-ness of the Twitter stream. I can embed photos and video clips there, and one of these days I may even learn to use Audacity or something for podcasting. All that said, Ho‘ohana Aloha helps us keep Talking Story a pretty streamlined and organized ‘mothership’ too — the Tumblr happily aggregates any randomness and weekend reading.

The sun, planets and major moons by Sonic Julez on Flickr
The sun, planets and major moons by Sonic Julez on Flickr. Recognize the backdrop? Do you know where the Earth is? Click on the photo and you will arrive at the photographer’s page: He has included notes naming all the planets.

And when have you last taken a good look at the right column? I have brought the blogroll back, but with RSS feeds instead of static links: Take a look at the titles of posts written by others in our Ho‘ohana Community. There is a wealth of richness and generosity there.

And the Planets are aligning

So. Tomorrow is Thursday, and I do have another post queued up and ready to go for my Say “Alaka‘i” commitment, and for us here. It will be called Numerology for Managers, and I am genuinely hoping it will tantalize you enough to talk story with me about it.

In exchange, here is my promise: No other posts until”

No, can’t do it. Will not risk making a promise I don’t keep! We’re tough. We’re good. We can handle all the abundance coming our way, making the right choices. We can start with the Nines and drill down to the Fives with the best of ‘em.

We Ho‘ohana. Let’s talk story.