First Looking, and then, Changing

Yesterday, I asked for your thoughts on self-leadership.
[The post was called Alaka‘i Leadership, Chiefs and Indians. Updated for 2011 here.]

Thought Leader (for that is how I think of him) Dan Oestreich offered his thoughts, and as I read them I remembered a picture I saw on Flickr that had made such an impression on me. I thought printing both picture and Dan’s words today would be a good way to share them with you:

take mee too ur leeeder by Harold Lloyd on Flickr
take mee too ur leeeder by Harold Lloyd on Flickr

Here’s how I define self-leadership: if leading others is a moment when a person steps into awkward or uncomfortable space with others in order to create positive change, then leading self means taking a step into awkward or uncomfortable inner space , me with me space, in order to achieve the same result.

We have all experienced such times. Personally, they usually represent a moment of self-confrontation that tests my capacity to look squarely at myself with honesty and compassion, to see what is. Second, such moments typically require some form of change on my part. So first, looking, and then, changing.

Dan Oestreich of Unfolding Leadership


    • Rosa Say says

      I liked it too… The photographer writes that he was torn between that title and “Up periscope” and I think it’s quite cool the way that either title is so perfectly suggestive.