Webwide talking story talks back: Your feedback these last 30 days

Over the last 30 days, this is the way I have sized up what seems to resonate with you, out of all the writing that I distribute on the web via Ho‘ohana Publishing.

In the Top Ten:
(with no. 1 the most popular)

  1. The Biggest Sin in Business Today (TS Link)
  2. The 2 C’s of Technology and Early Adoption (TS Link)
  3. 3 Ways Managers Create Energetic Workplaces (TS Link)
  4. How to Stop Micromanaging: Part One (TS Link)
  5. Your Alaka‘i Language of Leadership (TS Link)
  6. Competing Strengths in The Battle of the Learner and Over-Achiever (JJL Link)
  7. Alaka‘i Managers Coach, and they Facilitate (TS Link)
  8. Kamehameha’s Legacy of Values (TS Link)
  9. Do you Teach? (TS Link for the launch announcement of Teaching with Aloha)
  10. Great Mantra: Make it Easy, Make it Hard (TS Link)

Vhils face sculpture
I share this with you as the way I interpret your feedback loop, thus I say, “what seems to resonate with you.”

I take into consideration your comments here, private emails I receive, tweets and retweets on Twitter, and my FeedBurner and StatCounter reports – I think of those as the surrogate ‘voices’ of the silent but faithful readers.

So if I have written something else lately that you feel was good, please let me know!

(I have not yet counted Learning to Listen with The Daily Five Minutes yesterday for JJL: We will see where that falls 30 days from now.)

Your feedback is so important in getting Talking Story to be significant and meaningful versus having the site be more noise in an already cluttered web – it is important for both of us.

One reason I will occasionally push email subscriptions with you, is that some of the best feedback I get is from people who will quickly hit reply and just share a one-liner with me: They write things as short as

“Rosa, this is the one I am forwarding to my team this week for our next huddle.”

or “This was the best thing you wrote in the last 3 months!”

or “Geez Rosa, how did you know I had to read this today?”

or “Lol Rosa, have you been watching me?”

There might be a little bit more, like

“Rosa, this was the money quote today: …”

Copy/paste on whatever it was.

Those are great because I do get a lot of email, and I hear from you about what you value, but am not pressed to answer with a long message back either: I will always acknowledge, but just with a short mahalo so we both don’t get burdened by a long string of small talk.

I get that there are a lot of times commenting here on the blog is not the option you will choose, whether because of time constraints, privacy concerns or other reasons, however if you can think about this a bit and get me your feedback in other ways, I really appreciate it.

I always have been thankful for your acknowledgment and feedback, however it is especially useful now with the changes I am thinking of making in my Talking Story conversion and redesign (mentioned that yesterday if you missed it: Go to the subheading called Upcoming plans for Talking Story.)

So mahalo, and keep it coming!

~ Rosa

Photo Credit: Vhils face sculpture by imagesniper on Flickr.