Day Last as Feature’s First: An invitation

Please join us at Joyful Jubilant Learning today.

“We are now 27 days into our shiny new WordPress digs here at JJL. We are enjoying the learning and beginning to feel very comfortable, and we also feel newly energized! We hope you are too.

The change was a pot-stirrer for us in a couple of different ways, and we thought that we would sit back and catch a breather with you today before we jump ahead to a brand new month’s theme tomorrow, the 1st of August.”


Change is something we speak of often here at Talking Story, and this happens to be a time that JJL offers up a virtual case study of change which helps us stretch, learn, and grow.

Please don’t save this one up for another time: Today is the day we are talking story there to

present a new feature that is a “Day Last.” Think Ho‘omau, and about how we strive to finish our conversations well, causing the good in our lives to be long lasting. Such a good habit to cultivate with our learning, don’t you think?

experiment, with a community profile presentation. We are thinking of doing this on a regular basis if you like the idea too, though today we took some liberties that are different from what we are planning going forward (you’ll see).

indulge in our Ho‘ohana Community goodness. Technical features are one thing (we have a brand new WordPress publishing platform at JJL), but our culture remains the same, and we want to hear from you, and be sure you are comfortable with the changes we’ve made there.

Join me there?

Great! Click here: Are we communicating yet? Let’s talk about JJL and You. I am a


and you can be too… all it takes is talking story :)