Competing Strengths in The Battle of the Learner and Over-Achiever

I have posted over at JJL today with an early wrap-up of the month of June.

You will recall our learning theme there has been connected to the mid-year goal check that many of us will do when July arrives:

Has our mid-year check given you more butterflies?

Has it given you more stress, or anxiety about your goals?

Or has it helped to know that you aren’t alone, and the best laid plans do go awry” we can simply make a new agreement with ourselves and move on, move better.

Or maybe you’ve been one who has read different conversations here, and
thought to yourself, “This is so cool, I think I’ve gotten a lot more
done than I first thought!” (And by the way, if you haven’t tried it
yet, that is precisely the magic of Rapid Fire Learning.)

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re probably up in arms, deep in the throes of the Battle of the Learner and Over-Achiever. At ease! (Please?) Pull up a chair, and let’s take a break.

The "chair" we pull up has to do with a sandbox…

From Joyful Jubilant Learning:
The Battle of the Learner and Over-Achiever

Oh come on, it’s Sunday. You can play too. Click on over.

Even if you aren’t reading this until Monday, or Tuesday, July isn’t until Wednesday, so get a jump on it! Two tips there to help you win your own battle, even if slightly different than the one I talk about. Always great to feel you’re ahead of the game, right?