Has ALAWB09 got you into the RTTS Habit yet?

Remember this?

Reading to Talk Story about

Are you running out of topics to talk about in your workplace huddles?

That will never happen to you if you cultivate the RTTS Habit:

  1. Read something
  2. Trigger new thoughts (question what you just read)
  3. Talk Story about it (with someone, or with your team)

Read. Trigger. Talk Story.

We talked about this last when I shared some web links with you, yet for that ‘sequential and consequential learning’ we speak of with ‘Ike loa you just can’t beat a great book, I think”


“”someone who calls themselves a manager of people must be a learner, and they must dedicate themselves to non-stop, sequential and consequential learning.

Sequential in that it builds upon previous lessons learned, and it takes you through a process where you question instruction and do not always accept what you are taught at face value; you polish it like a gem in your mind until something about it rings true for you.

Consequential in that it is worthwhile stuff; it makes a difference for you, and you aren’t simply collecting lessons on some scorecard. There’s some personal take-away in it for you. Now that you know it, you’re going to use it.”

‘Ike loa; to seek knowledge and wisdom.
Managing with Aloha (page 136)

A Love Affair with Books 2009

So choose a good book, and allow your reading to trigger a few new ideas for you.

We will be wrapping up A Love Affair with Books this week on Joyful Jubilant Learning and you will find a wealth of recommendations waiting for you there. We have had 35 books reviewed over the 35 days by 35 different reviewers, all writers who are lifelong learners and eager to share some conversation about their book of choice – with YOU. If nothing else, leave a short comment for them which simply says mahalothank you for writing this up for us – let them know when and if their words do reach you.

Book 36 is being reviewed today and book 37 tomorrow: Which of these 37 will be the learning and talk story goodness of your RTTS Habit of sequential and consequential learning?


Photo credit: Reading a book by ckaroli on Flickr.


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    I really like this idea Rosa. Far too often does conversation and growth become stagnant. I was at a social media lecture a few weeks ago, by Joseph Thornley, and he mentioned how he wanted employees who came to work everyday a little smarter for something they learned from social media. Although this isn’t exactly what you are referring to, it is a similar idea. provoking thought and discussion.

  2. says

    I completely concur with Mr. Thornley Will – thank you for bringing his name to my attention by the way, I just read some of what he has to say at his blog and on Twitter.
    I think learning is like daily exercise; the more we keep at it, the better we get. In exercise, that daily repetition is very important with strengthening our bones and toning our muscles. Same thing happens with continual learning ‘exercise’ but it happens within our heads, and within our emotions and spirit. What we ‘strengthen and tone’ is our amazing capacity and potential as complete human beings. As Mr. Thornley no doubt was alluding to, a little smarter each and every day will go a very, very long way!
    The other bit to this is that there can be an amazing number of ideas between the covers of a single book – and within nearly every single sentence of a conversation! We can’t possibly get to them all within a single sitting. Think of when you might read a book, or even a magazine article the second time and say to yourself, “how did I miss this before?” about a thought or idea which newly grabs your attention. So coming back to things yet again can strengthen different impressions, or give new ones their shining moment in the light of a newly emerging day, especially as work-day context shifts, as they so naturally and frequently will.
    Thank you Will, for sharing this particular conversation with me! Just look at what you have now helped me magnify which was not originally in my posting today!