Rapid Fire Learning for March 2009

Rapid Fire Learning is a monthly feature that our Ho‘ohana Community normally hosts at our Joyful Jubilant Learning neighborhood on the 25th of each month. March is the only exception, when we take an RFL break to wholly invest in A Love Affair with Books.

However RFL is a habit that does not stop for me. It takes me no more than five minutes time sitting at my keyboard, and those five minutes, reflecting on what I’ve learned over the past month, are very fulfilling for me. ‘Ike loa [the Hawaiian value of learning] is both personal value and innate strength for me, and thus RFL is like a gift I give myself, where

RFL learning reflection =

affirmation in value alignment + celebration of strength

= increased emotional health

That’s a great thing to be carrying forward for the next month to come!

So here are my 5 RFLs for March. If you have the RFL habit too I warmly invite you to jump in: The comments are open! Mine are a little different than the norm in that I’ve added my MWA value alignment. Over the past month”

Paperback for a Beachy Sunday morning

1. Within ‘Ike loa, the value of learning:

First on my list is more an affirmation of our lifelong learning passions as the Ho‘ohana Community: There is absolutely no question that we share a very broad and very deep love of books. March has become such a tremendous celebration of our book-triggered learning hosted by our Joyful Jubilant Learning neighborhood; it really is tremendously energizing.

Here is the index of books reviewed todate: Which books have been added to your shopping list so far? Reading more fiction has been one of my intentions, and The Shack turned out to be a cover-to-cover single day read for me thanks to ALAWB09.

2. Within Lōkahi, the value of collaboration:

The rougher our challenges in today’s economy, the more important our network of relationships, and our unity as human beings. This is not the time to hunker down in a way that withdraws you from other people; together we are better, stronger, more tenacious, and more resilient. Together we are so much more clever and inventive, and we come to much better decisions when we keep our shared humanity in mind. I am so very proud of those I see in our Ho‘ohana Community who are feeling the pain of these times yet still reach out with their arms opened wide. What fabulous teachers they are; what inspiring people.

3. I’ve been reminded this month that the things we’ve taken for granted our entire lives tend to be the things which we really need to work on most (for instance, talking). Our comforts and our habits are usually riddled with auto-pilot, and with the maintenance and busywork which eat away at the valuable time we have available to us each day.

Thus, within Kākou, the value of inclusiveness (and our ‘Language of We’):

I am relearning to communicate effectively. Conversation should be a natural for this “talking story” pusher right? Wrong. Our Ho‘ohana Community is enjoying a wonderful growth spurt, and I am finding I must diligently concentrate on how I communicate as both giver and receiver. I am very conscious of not screwing up with my follow-up, and my current target for relearning is email.

My 4th and 5th RFLs are both within Mālama, the value of stewardship:

4. Health trumps everything else. When you, or someone in your family is less than completely healthy there is nothing else that really matters, nothing. Everything else stops, everything else waits. Don’t let me worry you ”“ I’m fine! My learning is about some of the things I must not ignore so that statement will always be true for me and for my family.

5. Right behind health, our financial comfort is probably trumper #2, something the current recession is making brutally clear. I wrote about this back in February in an article called Money is not evil; we can learn from our mistakes. Much financial literacy in my learning this month, and since the U.S. and State of Hawai‘i tax men both come knocking each April, I’m betting many of you share this one with me in your attentions too.

However that last one is the only assumption I’m making!
What five things would you list as your Rapid Fire Learning in March? If you comment with your learning, I’ll comment back with the MWA value-alignment I notice for you. Deal?

If you are reading this via RSS or email, click in and see what the learning-to-be-braver among you are sharing in the comments, for remember; We Ho‘ohana kākou; we work intentionally and we work together.

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  1. says

    1 – elder care is a challenge. As some of you may recall, my father has experienced a variety of health problems. We are now in the middle of several doctors trying to get a consensus on how to move forward. When your father’s word was a command growing up, recognizing that now maybe he is not capable of that requires my siblings and I to step up more strongly. It is an adjustment we are learning to take.
    2 – the “power of we” starts in the goodness of the people. The rise of JobAngels in a matter of a few weeks, from an idea spawned in a Twitter conversation to a growing movement acknowledged by the Wall Street Journal on the one hand restores confidence and on the other reinforces the goodness of people. If you haven’t heard of JobAngels a quick search should reveal plenty of links to follow.
    3 – the three legged stool of people, process, and technology is alive and well. Using the tech tools available (for example, twitter and LinkedIn), in the process of your job search is that much more effective these days than any other “older form” of networking. Bottom line, it is still necessary to build a relationship with the people to make the stool whole.
    4 – outdoor exercise is a great form of grounding, re-affirming the body/mind connection. My review of the “Last Child in the Woods” highlights the need for exposure to nature. My running gets me outside. My running is now building back to the point where I can expand the horizons (i.e. streets, neighborhoods) where I can explore.
    5 – With so many books now on the “to be read” list, I will need to re-do my current schedule to allocate sufficient time for “book reading”. Otherwise, I will have no hope of getting through the listing before next March rolls around with another ALAWB and another set of books to read!

  2. says

    Fabulous Steve, thank you! I would MWA-connect your learning alignment (‘Ike loa) to the values of Mālama (1 and 4), ‘Ohana (1), Kākou (2), Lōkahi (2 and 3), ‘Imi ola (3), Nānā i ke kumu (4) and Ho‘omau (5). Now to Ho‘ohana ~ and I know you will :)

  3. says

    Hello Rosa, I was so pleased to see your invitation to share RFL over here this month! Though also a bit perturbed that the time seems to be running away quite so fast the last couple of months.
    1. Conscious or otherwise I find myself working to achieve the things I wrote about for my wordle on success back at the end of last year. http://www.joyfuljubilantlearning.com/joyful_jubilant_learning/2008/12/finding-the-wor.html Almost as if I was saying to myself – these are the things you said were important, keep working to make them happen
    2. Doing a lot of new things, pushing a lot of things forward is tiring though, and sometimes I feel I’m going to run out of creative energy. I need to pace myself, be kind to myself, and have enough variety so I keep my mind and spirit fresh
    3. Books change things – I read a book not for my review and not reviewed at ALWAB – The Hero Within, 6 Archetypes We Live By – and I’ve got so much learning from it there’ve been times I felt my head was going to explode!
    4. I’ve discovered one of my key secrets to happiness – feeding the birds! It’s like a simple, quiet form of daily meditation, and gives me such a quiet, deep feeling of satisfaction and connecton
    5. Vision boards are fun to try and take you in unexpected places… more next month on this one maybe :-)
    Can I add a number 6… much as I appreciate your huge edititorial role at JJL this month I do miss your comments, tweets and talking story :-) Your voice is very important to me, to all of us Rosa, thank you :-)

  4. says

    Hi Rosa,
    This is my first RFL so I hope I get it right!
    1. How can something written a hundred or a thousand years ago be exactly what I needed to read right now? Pondering this makes me humble, thankful & re-enlivened all at the same time!
    2. Self-doubt is a default setting for some people but I now experience doubt more positively than I have in the past. It can almost be a gift in the right hands.
    3. Momentum, action and movement can soothe, unblock & inspire. A book I read recently offered a theoretical link between this notion and humanity’s nomadic roots in central Africa. Have resolved to walking more often! :)
    4. Photographers who communicate feeling and sense of place never fail to take my breath away. It’s the next best thing to being there for me.
    5. Those with a gift for lightening the mood should be connected to as many people as possible. There is often something to smile about and they are our reminder :)

  5. says

    I’m feeling the same way Joanna ”“ the months are flying by! Our RFL tracking does keep us grounded and feeling on pace though, don’t you think? I would MWA-connect your learning alignment to the values of KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u (1), Nānā i ke kumu (2), ‘Ike loa (3), Mālama (4), and Ho‘ohana (5). As for your number 6, mahalo my friend :)

  6. says

    Paul I am so thrilled to have you jump into RFL this month! You have absolutely done it right, and I love what you’ve shared with us. (1) for me sings of Ha‘aha‘a, the value of humility, (2) Nānā i ke kumu, looking to source and truth, (3) the Mālama of self-care with Ho‘ohana action, (4) Nānā i ke kumu again, with sense of place, and (5) Le‘ale‘a, the value of playfulness. Paul, you give me Mahalo, the value of gratitude and thankfulness.