Imagine Joy in Flight. Reason is not required.

Dramatic, by Sighthound on Flickr

Imagine joy in flight: Quite a picture, isn’t it?
Seems entirely reasonable to me that ‘loveliness’ is another word for beautiful, and for something you ‘see’ with your heart…

This photo and the words which accompany it are part of what I have shared over at Joyful Jubilant Learning today. We are now 23 days into the month of February, and I have totally enjoyed the postings done there by our Ho‘ohana Community on our current theme, “Love is all you need.”

Last night I took some time to update the index page at JJL, and doing so gave me the opportunity to reflect one more time on what was written during February; it gave me pause to more fully appreciate and genuinely love those who give so much of themselves there each month. I had to share my thoughts and feelings, and just say mahalo, thank you.

Not having to be reasonable can be so liberating. I think learning to love is very much about learning to give in, and just let your emotions be. What do you think? Join the conversation there today: Reasonableness not Required.