Rapid Fire Learning for January

It is the 25th of the month… time for Rapid Fire Learning, where we stretch our learner muscles in our living of ‘Ike loa, the Hawaiian value of lifelong learning. David Zinger is Mea Ho‘okipa (our host) at Joyful Jubilant Learning, and you can read his posting here:
The Strength of One and The Power of Many:
Rapid Fire Learning for January 2009

These were the learnings which I shared in the JJL comments as my January RFLs, beefed up here with a photo or two and a few links:

1. I have had a long-standing goal to be as mobile as possible (and hence work as digitally and virtually as possible) and January served up an unexpected test run for me to mark my progress at the start of 2009; loving the opportunity to further re-shape the goal!

POMD: January 17, 2009

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2. My unexpected trip had to do with the growth of our canine ‘ohana (family) in Las Vegas; new puppies dish up generous servings of new learning; didn’t realize how helpless they are for the first month or so, and how/when their mother’s nurturing instincts kick in (and don’t).

Enough for the palm of your hand

See the full photo set here.

3. Like many others, I have thoroughly basked in our country’s growth and evolving civic consciousness surrounding the election of Barack Obama to the U.S. presidency. It is fascinating how much we learn about ourselves in these defining moments of history.

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4. I started January making what I thought would be a difficult, and possibly foolhardy decision: I ceased writing my Managing with Aloha Coaching blog, putting my value of the month program on an indefinite hiatus. I am still in my learning of what that result will be.

The posting about my decision: Ho‘ohana ‘ÅŒlelo, the January ’09 issue (and a BHAG announcement)

5. Spurred on by the current recession, I am learning more about my financial matters now; fully determined to always live within my means, and able to help the others within my circle of influence live more realistically within theirs, with better respect for what ‘financial currency’ delivers, and what it doesn’t.

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Sharing all of this with everyone here is such a joy: I continue to learn that a community consisting of just a handful of fully engaged individuals is far, far more valuable to me than a substantially larger one of nameless faces. My January living has just happened to be my most recent affirmation of that.

M.Y.San SkyFlakes

Learning Joyful Eating on JJL has been a wonderful theme for our January: Here is the introduction post, and an Index of the month's contributions. When you read the comment conversation at each, you will more clearly see what I mean.

Thank you for reading, and for sharing your attentions with me this month.