JJL January 2009: Learning Joyful Eating

Our learning theme for January on Joyful Jubilant Learning seems to be stirring up a pot of good things… click over and read more about it, and join in the conversation:

Joyful Jubilant Learning is two years and three months old, and it has taken us that long to even think of the learning theme we will gleefully tackle this month: Learning Joyful Eating.

Why has it taken so long? Who knows, for we are 100% certain it is a theme which impacts all of us constantly. And maybe that’s why it hasn’t come up until now; we all eat without thinking about it.

We eat, sample, consume, gobble, munch, taste, chomp, devour, gorge, swallow and wolf things down with joyful abandon all the time —three meals full and countless excuses for more in between. We snack, we dine, we feast, and we eat on the run. We’ve opened our mouths eagerly whether in hunger or for yummy deliciousness, and have done it naturally and instinctively for as long as we remember —we survive because we do!

Is there really anything we have to learn about it?

Well of course there is… continued at JJL: Learning Joyful Eating

Photo Credit: Bite it! by kali.ma on Flickr