Following along on Twitter, 500 strong

This morning I noticed that there are now 500 of you following along with my tweets on Twitter: Mahalo nui loa; thank you so much! This certainly is incentive for me to do my very best with keeping it interesting for you ~ the gift of your attention is priceless, and I do want to honor that.

This Twitter follower mosaic is the app-magic of Walter Higgins:

What a joy it would be if there was an app which could do this for our Talking Story community too.

The back-story: I started tweeting back in March, for it seemed to be a talk-story natural: Let’s Talk Story: What’s new with you? and there were other Twitterers on Joyful Jubilant Learning already, syncing up with a connection there: Talking Story and a JJL Twitter Soiree. If you have been thinking about jumping in too, perhaps some of these familiar faces will be your warm welcome as well? If so, follow me @rosasay, and more JJLers @JJLhui.

I am still learning to use the app too; I do think it takes a while, and so we can continue to learn it together. Twitter was part of our Brex initiative for 2008: Braver Experiments [with] Digital Learning.


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    Rosa, how brilliant to take the mosiaic tool to show value to followers. You’re a model for great follow-through. Love the results!
    A leader in Kodak passed this along and I thought it brilliant.

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    I feel the same way Ulla :)
    Robyn, I saw this at first via your tweet (while I was at the JJL Hui feed), so thank you for sharing it! I passed it along as a wishlist item for @ev too (co-founder of Twitter) for I would love to have this readily accessible at the app itself. Finding people on Twitter quickly is not as easy as it could be: Even sorting by alpha would be a sweet tweak (perhaps even better!)