A Boxing Day Rapid Fire Learning: Have You Got Five for the Christmas Box?

It is time for our Rapid Fire Learning in December, and Joanna Young is our Mea Ho‘okipa (our hostess) this month: She has given us a marvelous twofer by wrapping RFL in the Boxing Day analogy:

26th December is Boxing Day in the UK – and as far as I know in some
other countries where joyful jubilant learners hang out (Australia, New
Zealand, Canada… anywhere else?)

I often prefer the Boxing Day festivities to the Christmas Day
variety: more relaxed, less pressure, and not quite such an intensive

The origins of Boxing Day
go back to leaving 'boxes' (of money or goods) for people that had done
work for, or helped you, during the year.  According to wikipedia (though I haven't heard this before)

masters, visitors, customers, and others would put donations of money
into the box… and then, after Christmas, the box would be shattered
and all the contents shared among the workers of the shop.

seemed like the perfect analogy for JJL.  Here we are, apprentices,
masters, visitors, customers and 'others' (!), putting down ideas,
questions, thoughts, quotes, learning points, challenges… and then
sharing the contents.

One of the best things we share each month is Rapid Fire Learning.

~ Joanna Young, A Boxing Day Rapid Fire Learning: Have You Got Five for the Christmas Box?


Photo Credit: Posting Box by Auntie P on Flickr

I have shared my RFLs for December in the comments there, and I encourage you to do the same thing too. It is a wonderful way to make sense of the busyness in any month, and especially so in December, where we have such high expectations both of the month and in the way we wrap up our entire year.

Visit RFL, add a comment for Joanna, and you will be giving yourself a Boxing Day gift!

Learn more about the fabulous Joanna Young too:

JoannayoungJoanna Young, author of Confident Writing, is a writing coach who helps people to realise the power of their own words.  She lives in the west of Scotland, in the UK.

This month her theme is simplicity.