RFL for November: What have you learned this month?

A lot going on today! And that makes Rapid Fire Learning even more timely… do the exercise for your own sorting out of the month:

RFL is a monthly stream-of-consciousness exercise
in which you take pen and paper in hand (or sit at your computer
keyboard) and quickly jot down 5 things you feel you have learned over
the past month as a lifelong learner. The self-reflection can be quite
useful to you…

Read the entire posting over at Joyful Jubilant Learning today. I am your Mea Ho'okipa [RFL hostess] this month and my 5 learnings are there within the post, and you will see that others in our Ho‘ohana Community have added theirs to the comments and trackbacks too — get into the action!

To JJL: RFL for November: What have you learned this month?


  1. Dean Boyer says

    My learning curve has been through the roof lately! So, here are 5 things I am learnING…no mastery yet, for sure!
    1. How to teach upper level college students in such a way that work is engaging and practical. I love what I am doing and the students have shown exemplary thought and work.
    2. How to grade exemplary students. As each is engaged, their work is excellent. On paper, it looks like I am an easy grader; even though that might be part of the story, excellence is excellence.
    3. How to relate to college professors who have much more experience than I do. Having been a leader, I find myself taking a seat in the back of the bus, which is very different; observation from this perspective is not all bad. In time, I will move to a seat closer to the front.
    4. How to live on less. Since moving from WA to AR, and a subsequent pay cut, the challenge has been how to realign our family budget.
    5. How to enjoy small town living. I have lived in many large cities. Now, living in a town of 13,000 people is so refreshing.
    With all this learning, I am thankful for every part of this transitioning process!