Happening in our Alaka‘i August

We’ve arrived to the eighth month of the eighth year of the still-new 21st century: How’s that for a good omen full of Ka lā hiki ola promise?

Are you planning to make this month count for you? I am!

I’m just back from my mid-year break, this time traveling with family, one of the very best perks you can get when you’re self-employed. Started to share some pictures on Flickr; will add more soon. So, my energies have been replenished, and I am ready and eager to go.

Been catching up this weekend, and this is where my attentions have been: You are warmly welcomed to join me!

  • My value for the month of August is Alaka‘i, the Hawaiian value of leadership. I find myself craving it… It is time.

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    Day One Essay for August 2008: Alaka‘i, Chiefs and Indians

  • Day One of any month means a new theme for Joyful Jubilant Learning too. In August we are Learning from 8. (Remember that you can always be a guest author there too: Get published!)

    Today I have started our monthly posting parade with;

    Counting Fish, Taro, and Thinking

    Click over to discover what Makawalu means: Stretch yourself beyond Aloha, Mahalo, and the other Hawaiian words you know from talking story with me :)

Are you planning anything special for 08-08-08 on Friday?

If so, please comment and let us know: I love news of more ‘Imi ola celebrations (‘Imi ola is to seek your best possible life), and it will be a once-in-our-lifetimes kind of day. Even better to share in it with the rest of the Ho‘ohana Community.

Let’s talk story; we Ho‘ohana together, Kākou.

~ Rosa