We are Learning from Pictures

We have had a tremendous start to the month of July over at Joyful Jubilant Learning, and I encourage you to click over there for a visit if you have not done so already. Here is the line-up you will find waiting for you there:

7/01 (Link) ”“ Learn about the JJL Theme for July, and How to Participate

7/02 (Link) ”“ A JJL Mini Lesson on Creative Commons, and on Publishing Photos Online

7/03 (Link) ”“ A JJL Learning-Project for the month: Learning with Flickr (Confident Writing coach Joanna Young is taking the lead on this for us)
7/04 through 24 ”“ Community-Authored Postings To Theme: Learning from Pictures.

I was able to lead off with my Blue Chair Learning:

What might you be taking for granted every day?


Blue Chair Learning on Ka‘Å«pÅ«lehu Beach by Rosa Say

These blue chairs are on Ka‘Å«pÅ«lehu Beach at Hualalai, just north of Kumukea Point. In most Hawai‘i hotel resorts, the people who work at them would look at chairs like these and think “those are for the guests; they aren’t for me.” In fact, because they’ve fallen off their “for me too” radar, they probably wouldn’t notice them at all, much less sit in them and enjoy the morning, the sun, the beach, the view.

For me however, they represent just the opposite:
Click over to JJL to read how. There are terrific comments there from Ulla, David, Joanna, Dave, Kirsten, Karen and Tim too.

A good amount of my past week was spent outdoors, and so over the weekend (my Luana Weekend) I stayed in (for the most part… I have to get outside every day even if just to take my run and spend a few minutes sitting on my porch or weeding my garden.)  Did some writing (very happy with the MWAC Tuesday essay which will post tomorrow) and did quite a bit of uploading to Flickr: I took well over 500 photos last week! If you are going to get addicted to a new hobby, learn it big… It’s another ‘Ike loa concept!

So as your week unfolds, if you’d like to take a short break and “walk outside” with me at some point, come visit my new photo set of the KÅ«ki‘o Shoreline… You can think of it as your “blue chair learning” with Talking Story!

Manmade Path at KÅ«ki‘o