It’s RFL Time: Rapid Fire Learning for June

Today is the 25th of the month: You shouldn’t be here…

You should be at Joyful Jubilant Learning for RFL!

Wow, this was a great month. And Talking Story readers, I love the JJL RFL exercise as one that you kinda sorta talk story through in both the doing and sharing.

  • The doing is like self-talking story, where the story is the month that just was some kind of milestone in your life, but it is one waiting for you to articulate it.
  • The sharing is the magic of what happens over within the JJL community: All you have to do is read today’s RFL posting and comment conversation to feel the goodness of it, and see exactly what I mean. For me to try and explain that a bit more here will not do it justice.

Adding in my own RFL sharing there took me all of 5 minutes tops because RFL is intended to be a stream-of-consciousness exercise. You must do this for yourself. It allows your own personal learning to feed your spirit.

Dwayne Melancon is hosting this month, and Joanna Young of Confident Writing already chimed in —- I’m waiting to see you and your name pop up in the comments or trackbacks there next!

Yes, a lot of bold in this because I feel RFL is that important (learners make the world go round, plain and simple) and that good for you, and I care about you.

So click over there: Rapid Fire Learning for June.

Then you can come back and tell me that you weren’t just "ing-ing" around with it… come back later and See me when the “ing” stuff is over.

Joyful Jubilant Learning

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