Don’t blame the economy; Show me what you’re made of!

Are those violins I hear?

In talking story with some business people lately, I have had to bite my tongue and take the time to choose my words more diplomatically, but here I’ll get to the point:

Whining and commiseration is worthless.

Have a better conversation between your ears and with everyone you work with.

It is getting way too easy for American (and Hawaiian) business people to blame the coming/already-here recession for practically every woe they have right now ”“ and every nonperformance issue. The one bright spot is that we have momentarily stopped blaming Gen’ers X and Y for not sharing Boomer values and all that nonsense.

It may feel slightly self-protective of your personal dignity to do this wound-licking, but you’ll have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get to work for some real healing (and better business prospects) to start.

You can: Be more confident.

You’re smart, good enough and then some.

So get to work and Ho‘ohana ”“ make things happen.

Ho‘omau: Ho‘omau is the Hawaiian value of perseverance and persistence. Those who ho‘omau do not give up, and they certainly do not waste their time (and squander others’ attentions) by moaning and complaining.

Optimists know (not just believe, KNOW) that times of adversity are when winners emerge. Winners leverage what they DO have going for them in the best possible way with an abundance mentality (Palena ‘ole) and positive expectancy.

Be the winner I know you are. These are times ripe for the picking :)


Photo on Flickr by margolove.
She says The balls of paper are actually sheet music…
think of them as the excuses, yeah buts, and I can’ts you can take aim at shooting down!


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    Mmm, it’s our opportunity to chuck out the clutter, work more closely with people who important to us, and concentrate on what is truly central to us.

  2. says

    Exactly Jo! Well said.
    During times like these we have a great opportunity to get our core constituencies aligned with a sense of urgency and laser-direct focus!