December off and running!

Writing elsewhere over the weekend ~ ~ ~ getting ready for this kind gentleman’s visit!

On Managing with Aloha Coaching:

On the first of December two years ago, I wrote an article called My Aloha Virtue List.
It held brief descriptions of how I defined hope, freedom, humor,
prayer, vitality, wonder, trust, faith, grace, gratitude, joy and peace
as virtues. The article quickly became the most frequently visited
posting I had ever written for and by month’s end I added its link to the site’s in-residence listing of the nineteen values of Managing with Aloha to give My Aloha Virtue List the parking spot it seemed to have earned for itself!

I recently read the article again, remembering how perfect the seasonal
mood of December seemed for the list at the time, and quickly decided
that it was time to revisit these twelve virtues. They shine so
brightly, with a positive enthusiasm of all that is good about the
season, sort of a “Twelve Rays of Christmas” in a Managing With Aloha values meets virtues meant-for-December tradition.

On Joyful Jubilant Learning:

For our December on Joyful Jubilant Learning, our contributing authors from through-out the Ho‘ohana Community will weigh in on Learning to GIVE and Learning to RECEIVE.

Put any thoughts of crass commercialism aside; there is generosity in giving and grace in receiving, and that is just the beginning of the lessons we can learn.

December IS a month of JOY, and I can hardly wait to read what our
authors may have in store for us. Learn with us and scoop up your share
of jubilancy (yes, I made the word up! Santa likes it…)

We invite you to join us too.

~ ~ ~ Rosa