Leaps in Thankfulness, and Gifts From the Heart

I have two shout-outs in my Writing Elsewhere, which I would love to have you weigh in on if you would. Please share your mana‘o (thoughts) if you have a moment or two:

1~ ~ ~
At Joyful Jubilant Learning, we are asking readers to contribute to a group posting for America’s Thanksgiving Day;

Share your Thankfulness with us: What have you learned, which has brought you the most Joy over the past year?

All that is needed is a sentence or two. Find out how you can participate too: A Thanksgiving Day Leap in Gratitude.

Black circle 2~ ~ ~ At Managing with Aloha Coaching, I am trying to figure out how I can approach the shopping craziness of the holiday season with Ma‘alahi;

“Ma‘alahi is a Hawaiian word I want to use more, folding it into my chosen habits.

Ma‘alahi means contentment within simplicity and ease.”

So I am on a mission to be much more creative with my gift-giving this year. I want to give gifts that people want, really feeling they are valuable and highly desirable, but I want to see what I can come up with that will not add to their material clutter in any way. I really need more ideas; will you help me?

You can read my full article here: Sunday Mālama: Please don’t shop for me!

Talk Story with us! Many thanks,

~ Rosa

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