Writing Elsewhere; Sunday Review 10

What a week! July has started with a flourish.

20070509newspaper_2Here’s our Sunday paper ~

I am thrilled that Talking Story was able to welcome five Rock Star guest authors from within our Ho’ohana Community in the past week! They very generously shared their thoughts on Ho’okipa (hospitality) with us, and I encourage you to visit these articles and join in the conversation:

  • Deb Estep: Ho’okipa Via The United States Postal Service… "NEVER, EVER let anyone tell you that snail mail is a thing of the past."
  • Lisa Haneberg: Build Energy then Go Where the Energy Is… "I have always been attracted to forging new territories and exploring new grounds. And I honestly had downplayed my desire for, or need for, relationships. I have a different perspective now."
  • Reg Adkins: Hospitality: Our Gatherings Seek to Meet a Need… "Well guided gatherings have these characteristics of hospitality…"
  • Maria Palma: Hospitality: The Key to Peace on Earth… "I start to wonder how much better the world would be if each and every
    one of us was taught hospitality at a young age.  What if it were a
    class like English or Math?"
  • Dave Rothacker: Ho’okipa: A Mother’s Love… "a gentle reminder to those bosses out there who employ working moms."

With Talking Story in such good hands and hearts, I was able to give my kokua (help) as Mea Ho’okipa elsewhere in our Ho’ohana Community;

  • A short story on Passion for the Good Customer Experience about Ho’okipa (another of Steve’s blogs): Get in the Feedback Loop.
  • More Summer Strengths Seminar Sizzle: This was an announcement about a Web Seminar Series being offered by The Gallup Organization. I added it to Joyful Jubilant Learning in connection with our strengths learning project there.

Then yesterday, so much going on for 07-07-07!

Photo from Dwayne.

  • When we were at about 162 entries and counting, I took a break to highlight a few of them in this category for Steve: 7 Tertiary Wonders will give you a look at what I have tagged for my tertiary education!

Whew!!! This is why Sunday is known as the day of rest. Enjoy yours thoroughly.

Me? There’s one more writing project I have my sights on …

What I Have Learned From Travel.