How to Capture an Expert’s Value: 12 Tips


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    Great post, Rosa. I have different needs in regard to number four.
    As a general rule, seeing the factory doesn’t help me much. What does help is talking to the people involved in the selection and training of people for their first leadership/supervision job and people who understand the company and industry.
    What I really value is a contact at the company who will help me find the people and information I need easily and without lots of follow-up.

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    That is such a great add Wally, thank you! I too have found that connecting the right person with ease of best follow-up is worth more than pure gold.
    Going back to number four, I find it so helpful to understand the atmosphere of the workplace because creating a better one is core to so many of my speaking topics. However I so agree that the people connection does trump so much, and without that tour I try to be sure I can get to a gig early enough to mingle with my audience and get a better feel for who they are.

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    Hi Rosa,
    Thank you for sharing these twelve items. I have thought about each and every one as I do a presentation or give a speech but never really put them into a list like yours. And right along with item #2, I’m never surprised at the amount of coaching/consulting I end up giving (at no extra cost) if a host simply asks me to join them for lunch or dinner.
    We can certainly set our expectations by this list without being disappointed if our host falls short.
    Thank you,

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    Absolutely Ken. Since I put this together I have used it for my own reality checks in being very honest about if I made it easy for them to work with me in this way.
    It has also proved very useful for my virtual assistant to ask people leading questions when they call to book a speaking engagement with me; she has edited this down to a quick glance kind of checklist for her own use.