Holiday Writing Indulgence

Happy Fourth of July!

In his spirit of Ho’okipa for his crew at work, hubby decided to pull a full shift today so the other dads could be home with their younger families (his is an all-guy crew for a very physical job). He says we had our turn, and now it is theirs since our own kids are 20 and 23. He’s very considerate that way.

My son Zach is home from his Arizona college for the summer, and yesterday we both decided we’d spend the holiday very self-indulgently doing whatever we wanted to do at home, nesting and being lazy.

So my choice for the day is to write, and write, and then write s’more. I’m on my second home-barista’d café latte as I write this, the caffeine already helping me produce a hefty volume of morning pages, and steering me toward writing that is not destined for any one of my blogs. But to me, it’s wonderful writing practice that I love to do, and ultimately good for getting some blog-unworthy stuff out of my head … mind like water and all that, right?

However if you’ve blessed me with your reading attention today, mahalo! Thank you so much for the honor you bestow upon me by clicking in. Here are some suggestions;

If you are in the holiday mood, do The Archive Dip with these. If I may say so, I was very happy with the writing of them for the 4th of July in the last two years, and I think you’ll like them, meant to help us think of the values of freedom in the way of aloha;

  • 2006: Red White and Blue Virtues. I had started with… Independence. Patriotism. Freedom. Democracy. All are strongly passionate ideals, and methinks we need to be reminded of our gentler nature today, and the large capacity we have for being lokomaika‘i, “of good heart” as we reflect on them.
  • 2005: Red White and Blue Values. Another note on this one; it was inspired by my brother’s tour of duty in Iraq, and includes some of his words about it, both in the posting and in his comments about it later.

If you came for more on the value of Ho’okipa, which we are celebrating this month, here is the chronological, time-traveled journey we’ve taken so far:

We are welcoming guest authors this month, and Deb Estep and Lisa Haneberg have each written jewels in starting us off:

Then, in the Writing Elsewhere category, a bloggy kind of Ho‘okipa I wrote yesterday;

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