Favorite comic? So hard to choose!

Ho”›okipa Traffic Stop for a moment …

We’re in Meme City tonight, at the corner of B.C. by Johnny Hart and Opus, and I can’t decide which turn to take!

We decided to take this evening’s joy ride to keep up with Jesse at Perfectly Petersen, whose launched his first meme, My Favorite Comic. Saw Troy jump in his car, and we decided to tail him!

Troy says his favorite comic is Doonesbury (we really should’ve guessed that :-) way too deep for me. He asks which one my favorite is, and I’m having the hardest time picking.

Charlie Brown is over in that field looking at us with those Snoopy-dog looks of his… why is that the only place it seems to be raining?

Oooh, over there! That looks like the street I want! Yep, Calvin and Hobbes.

What’s that Jesse? Why?

Because Calvin and Hobbes are as what-you-see-is-what-you-get as they come. They keep it real, ever-confident that their real is way better than good enough.

Meme City souvenirs: I tag the Talking Story crowd up there on the bleachers waiting to jump into the game with Charlie Brown (unless they decide to get out of the rain.)

Joanna, Karen, April, Deb, Tim, Pete, and Rich.

Next day post update:

If you ever loved Nancy and Sluggo – and who old enough to remember them didn’t?!? – click over to Starbucker’s Meme City storefront and check out his latest offering:
Nancy and Sluggo: How a Comic Strip Made a Difference

Terry starts with his trademark half-full approach to considering memes:

It’s funny how the blogosphere can take me to places I haven’t been in a long, long time. Places that are buried in the recesses of my mind, but once dug up, reveal important insights and clues as to who I am today.

Read the rest there.


  1. says

    A comic strip for the 4th July

    What’s your favourite comic strip? Is there a comic that you follow every day, check out every so often or remember fondly from childhood? I’ve got the Andertoons on the Confident Writing site to add a bit of colour and

  2. says

    What a very COOL coincidence! I am a devoted and disappointed-that-it’s-not-written-anymore fan of Calvin and Hobbes as well. I think I have every one of the books!

  3. says

    Bloom County. My all time favorite. Opus, Bill the Cat and Cutter John my favorite characters.
    Calvin and Hobbes a very close second.