Books on Hospitality

Over the last week, our first exploring Ho‘okipa, and the hospitality we crave, I have found myself dipping into two books in particular, and I started to wonder, what books would you consider required reading for managers seeking to learn the art of hospitality?

I believe that hospitality is something managers must continually learn to teach, train and coach their staff in; simply setting the expectation that they want it delivered is not enough.

  • Reading how others deliver hospitality helps managers become better teachers when they take the next step: re-teaching what they have newly learned.
  • It keeps the hospitality curriculum freshly appealing to their staff, and not soap-boxy. Once people feel you are preaching, they stop listening.

I will start this listing with the two books I’ve been dipping into. Give me your book suggestions in the comments, and I’ll keep updating our list ”“– be sure you include any links at which you may have written a book review. Let’s help managers become better teachers by giving them a source of energy which will motivate them: Let’s create a

Great Managers Hospitality Library!

A book review may be found at Joyful Jubilant Learning for A Love Affair with Books. You’ll find other links there for three more postings I did subsequently – and there will probably be more by the time our Ho’okipa month wraps up!

Read the book review by Dean Boyer for how he relates the 5 Principles to teaching (Dean is a school administrator). I recently mentioned this book in a guest posting I did for Passion for the Good Customer Experience called, That Cracker Jack ® Prize


Postscript and Site-map note:
If you are wondering what happened to them, I had pulled my lengthy recommended reading lists off the blog in my recent streamlining of my Talking Story sidebars. You can now find them on a separate page I created, called Books and More Books! The link for it now resides in the left column listing called Best of Talking Story and Other Useful Links.