Writing Elsewhere; Sunday Review 9 and Learning Links

Here’s your sporadically-published current issue of the Talking Story Sunday Blog-Paper:


Our headliners! Cliff and Kathie Dias:

I am so proud of Cliff and Kathie of our Ho‘ohana Community! This was shared by the Hilo Tribune Herald: Alum gives $1M to St. Joe.

Cliff mentions his value-based education in the article, and their generosity truly speaks to their values of kuleana (responsibility) and alaka‘i (leadership).

From yours truly, writing in other places lately:

These two, written for the Managing with Aloha movement, offer suggestions on our Ho’ohana for June; KÅ«lia! Break thrÅ«!

Over on Joyful Jubilant Learning, we are still going strong with our Learn to Lead with Your Strengths project; could that possibly be something you choose to break through with this month? Both of these posts also offer a free eBook generously done for us by David Zinger on the Trombone Player Wanted film series.

In the Ho‘ohana Community Section of today’s blog-paper:

GoldenmicWe have kicked off a brand new interview series at JJL called Jubilant Learners. Check out both the intro featuring Benjamin Bach, and the first interview with Phil Gerbyshak:

Be sure to cruise the Recent Posts listing of JJL, for we’ve had terrific articles there lately, contributed by HC authors EM Sky, Greg Balanko-Dickson, and David Zinger. June is off to a great start.

Right here at home, I have completed a loooong-overdue update to our Ho‘ohana Community page. We are up to 105 web-links, filling nine full pages if you were to print it. If you are ever online and wondering where you should click next, our Ho‘ohana Community offers you some bountiful aloha company, so bookmark this if you haven’t already done so.

This is also not the time to be shy: If I have missed including your link here (you talk story with us here, on Managing with Aloha or JJL, and have a web presence), speak up and let me know! No blog of your own and want to test the waters? This is written on our community page too:

You need not have your own blog to have your name listed here as a Community Author! We are always looking for learners who would like to be contributing authors to Joyful Jubilant Learning, and this wonderful badge, created for us by JJL Art Director and Graphics Editor Tim Milburn, could be one you wear proudly! Write an essay about how you live ‘Ike loa, the Hawaiian value of learning, and write me via the JJL Community mailbox for your guest author’s invitation.

never know … you may find the joyful expression of your learning via
the written word to be a break-through strength for you, and become on
of our regularly contributing writers!

In the ‘Ike loa (Learning Links) Section of today’s blog-paper:

These are a few articles I had added to my Del.icio.us page, hoping to find some time to read deeper and write something about them, and so far that time still eludes me. See if the titles draw you in too. Some of them are not that recent, but they were new to me!

In the Mahalo Nui Loa Section of today’s blog-paper:

Must say thank you. I have received some incredible blog-love and aloha from our community lately. My goodness, you continue to give so much to me! To all of these authors, my deepest mahalo nui loa for your kindness and your belief in me;

By the way, Karen has a beautiful new blog design over at The Clearing Space: have you seen it yet? You also need to update your feed for Christopher Bailey: Chris has also been tweaking. Greg too (he has a different stats page, interesting transparency), and always Troy! Dwayne has one of my favorite flowers on his header at Genuine Curiosity right now … Rich had a gorgeous one on his blog lately too. Mmmm, can almost smell that heavenly scent.


  1. says

    Rosa, I love the idea of a Sunday paper blog-style! Like my other Sunday paper (lying half read on the sofa) I’m going to keep this to dip into during the course of the week.
    Thanks for the ref to my recent article, and link back to my site. It’s much appreciated, but more so the sense of community and connection that you create with new readers like me. It means a great deal.
    I’ll be back soon for more!

  2. says

    Joanna, you have made it so easy to welcome you into the Ho’ohana Community, for your aloha shines through in so much of what you do. We may not all come right out and say it, but reciprocation is a big part of being actively engaged in any online community, and you emerge as someone to take notice of and appreciate when it’s not simply payback, but you add value and a voice of genuinely sincere collaboration.
    Joanna your writing is exceptional, whether shared in comments, with trackbacks, and with the like-mindedness of postings on your own blogs – both of which are stellar. You give of your knowledge so freely, and it is a joy for me to read your heart. I am thrilled that I can recommend you to the rest of the community for I know you are mea ho’okipa, a hostess who will welcome them with warmth and personal aloha.