7 Wonders of Learning – Help make it happen!

The countdown begins!

Ho‘ohana Community, here is our opportunity to participate in something pretty spectacular, and I know it would be easy for all of you to do, lifelong learners that you are! All you have to do is contribute your 7 favorite learning links!

Join us in our big, hairy, audacious goal to Saturday, 07-07-07 and

Listen, Laugh, Learn, Link, Love, Live
and Leap to Wonder

  • Listen — welcome new ideas and every teacher, listening fully opened
  • Laugh — with the positive and uplifting joy others are ready to give you
  • Learn — with childlike curiosity and in a collaboratively jubilant way
  • Link — use others’ lessons learned as a springboard for your own, sharing your knowledge freely
  • Love — tap into your passion for learning, and be of loving heart in your new bonds with others
  • Live — be a shining example of the Lifelong Learner; “Be the learner you want to see in the world”
  • Leap — to a new experience, stretching past the familiar, accepting leaps of higher intuition.
    Allow learning to transform you, and to bring you to Wonder.

This is the BHAG we are leaping toward at Joyful Jubilant Learning:

On 07-07-07 we are determined to collect at least 777 Learning Links, possibly more.

This is a shout-out to all lifelong learners, readers and writers alike. Will you help us reach our goal? 

Click over to JJL today for the details on how you participate.

Ho‘o! Let’s do this, and help make it happen!


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    That’s one exciting and interesting way of putting it. With those seven wonders, I’m sure everyone will enjoy learning.

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    Aloha Charlie, aren’t those 7 L’s fabulous? They came to be from a brainstorm done by all the contributing authors of the JJL blog.
    Daniel, thank you for reading Talking Story, for you’ll find that learning is a frequent topic here. I visited your site earlier this morning, and you do have several learning links to choose from, however I can’t do the choosing for you! Take that link near the end of my post that reads “Click over to JJL today for the details on how you participate” for we are asking for category specifics there, and you will see how others are logging their 7 Learning Links in the comments.

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    At the risk of attracting more spammers and slick comment artists, I must unfortunately add another comment of my own:
    I have deleted several comments to my posting here which flagrantly seek free advertising and are not in the aloha spirit of JJL’s 7 Wonders of Learning. Give me a break!
    I will not let you ruin a great thing, and the more you send me spam here AND at JJL the more aggressive I will get at deleting your links and outting you in my private bulletins to the entire (and now extremely substantial in numbers) Ho’ohana Community.
    Rosa Say