Thursdays at home, on Talking Story

Thursdays just got different. You can now be sure to find me right here, at home with the Ho’ohana Community on Talking Story!

Several of you have fallen into a habit that’s been a result of one of mine: Each Thursday, you’ve looked for my management and leadership column on, expecting to find me there first, and here second. And you’ve been right in your expectations.

Back in September of 2005, I had the honor of being Leon Ho‘s very first guest author for, when lifehack was a pretty new word. I remember explaining it on in an effort to understand it better myself, for Leon was more sure about me fitting in there than I was!

Managing with Aloha a Lifehack? In part, I wrote,

Iâ” ™ve been reading for some time now, and I have found that Leon does a terrific job at aggregating a wide spectrum of resourceful lifehacks for us; he provides managers with a great service. I am most appreciative of this wonderful opportunity heâ” ™s given me to share with a larger audience the tenets of Managing with Aloha which add richness yet more simplicity to our lives. As I said in my first post, ultimately, everything is personal, and that includes work.

Leon insisted that the site needed to have a management and leadership thread through it, and I clearly remember him rejecting my first submission because I tried to be too much like him, mimicking what he was already writing there, when he wanted more of me being me!

My first article at became 5 Things Employees Need to Learnâ” ”from You. Since then, I have written 77 more, and Leon was right: They have all been about management and leadership, and the readers there have welcomed me warmly. I am very, very appreciative to every single reader who gave me the feedback I needed to write better, and to be a better management coach online.

Fast forward nearly two years, and has grown to be immensely popular, with nearly 45,000 Feedburner subscribers as I write this. Leon has continued to hold high standards, and his stable of authors are recognized as some of the most respected – and most prolific – writers online. So my decision will surprise many of you, and believe me, it was a difficult one to make, taking me quite some time to come to it.

Thursdays will now be different, for I’ll no longer be found at I’ll be here on Talking Story, or on Managing with Aloha.


To state it simply, it is time I return to blogging here on Talking Story and Managing with Aloha as my first and most important places to be, for along with Say Leadership Coaching they are my places of business for Ho’ohana Publishing. There has been a ton of growth in these two years here at home too, with readers from all our sites joining hands (and left brain, right brain) at Joyful Jubilant Learning.

And Leon, great friend that he will always be to me, understands and supports my decision. Leon is a very important part of our Ho’ohana Community, and if I’m going to see him in Australia one day, this business of mine has to pay for it!

A new Thursday plan

I had given Leon my permission to publish all of my 78 articles written for online for the first time. However I had written them in the same spirit of which I write everything about management and leadership, wanting them to be timeless coaching that would help us reinvent the workplace value by value, and within the values of aloha. Who else would have written Letâ” ™s talk LOVE at work: 9 Views for!?

Therefore, for the next year or however long it takes us, Thursdays here will be dedicated to visiting my archives and reprinting my old stuff with a tweak or two for our present day. I have long wanted to clean up my categories here on Talking Story, and this will give me a chance to re-tag, re-archive, and re-organize my writing for all of us to refer to better.

Continue to visit Leon and the stellar writers at However save a few minutes for me and come back here to see what we can dig up, okay?

I love you Leon, mahalo nui for a glorious time on your pages. It has been quite an honor.


  1. says

    You frightened me.
    I thought you were leading up to closing shop here.
    For the sake of fans like me remember the nudge of Ted Demopolous, “Don’t Bury the Lead.”

  2. says

    Whoa Reg, that’s certainly not the impression I intended to give, thanks for the nudge! I’ll have to back and edit this somewhat…
    I fully intend to write more here (writing is akin to breathing for me), and with a renewed energy that I am certain will come of my decision: to redirect my publishing back to Talking Story and MWA, putting them center stage where they should have been for me all along.
    Mahalo for your encouragement Reg!