Has May’s Ho‘ohana been good for you?

We’ve been ho‘omau-ing, and I do hope so!

We’d started here on May 1st: Ho‘omau and Be Strong … remember?

Check in with the Managing with Aloha blog for our 2-days from pau (finished) / 2-days to go recap:

3 Ho‘omau Siblings: Will, WillPower, and Willingness

Also there, are keep-the-fire-burning links to Ho‘omau articles you may have missed by Reg Adkins, Dean Boyer, Carolyn Manning and Joanna Young of our Ho‘ohana Community — and they are not to be missed!

The MWA Values Index on Ho‘omau has been updated with my picks too.

Ho‘omau-ing is so much better than Should-ing, dontcha think?

Mahalo nui to all who have commented on our Ho‘ohana this month! You keep our community strong.

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