5 Things Employees Need to Learn—From You


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5 Essentials Employees Need to Learn — From You

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    How perfectly timed!
    I’ll be training a new supervisor three of the next five weeks and I’m excited about it. Thank you for your fortuitously timed post!

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    Aloha Rich, good to have you stop by!
    That new supervisor of yours is the one fortunate to have you care for them; the fact that you say, *I’m excited about it* is huge! You are already bringing an attitude of aloha to those three weeks ahead of you, and you will both reap much reward from your optimism and enthusiasm.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now Rich, and you bring such thoughtfulness and ho’ohana-rich intent to the way you manage; hana hou!

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    I blogged this week about what we expect from customer service operatives. James Shewmaker made the following observation in the comments: “How you treat your employees affects how they treat your customers – and employees are a form of customer who can also go to the competition.”

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    New to management: 2 Learning Hit Lists

    After re-visiting 5 Things Employees Need to Learn—From You last week, this past Monday’s post got me thinking, how would this list be any different, if the new employee was a manager? Initially, I thought, it won’t. New managers are