Voices of Aloha, Voices of Strength

Last month, I wrote an article here called “How we Choose to use our Voice.”

I have just written something for ManagingWithAloha.com at the gentle coaching of Reg Adkins of Elemental Truths, and as I did so, I thought of the many voices which reside in you, the readers of the Talking Story Ho‘ohana Community.

I thought about how many of you are parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, managers and leaders. I thought about how you are good, strong, aloha-filled people committed to making our world better.

You need not be a blogger to celebrate your voice. Talk to those you love, and keep them close so they will never be alone. Share your aloha.

The article I have written in response to this past Monday’s events is here:

Aloha for Virginia Tech: Choosing to Respond

A small part of it:

This is my mana‘o (my belief and convictions of personal truth): I firmly believe that everyone has aloha, and everyone can choose to express it in a way which can heal so much of the hurt and wrong in the world. I believe we must make that choice to do so and that we must commit ourselves to whatever actions possible in our personal circles of influence. I know values to be powerfully effective for you; learn to use them for the lights of love they can be.

“A little kindness from person to person is better than a vast love for all humankind.”

—Richard Dehmel

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